Creating a Stylish Visual in 2022: Top Tips

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What was fashionable before is not working now. The audience blurs their eyes when they constantly see the same thing. Directions are gradually being replaced by new ones, and now those who know how to quickly implement these directions are shooting. The visual concept in social networks is an extension of the entire visual concept of the brand. It tells the same story, promotes the same values and is inseparable from the overall culture of the company. We tell in the article how the appearance of an account can help a business, how to make a stylish visual on Instagram and what to focus on when creating a profile.

1. Naturalness

In everything. More recently, the top was summer in the same style. But when too many users follow one trend, it starts to become obsolete. Visual design trends on Instagram in 2022 are inconspicuous processing, naturalness, rejection of templates. More natural light, air, “random” frames, plants and flowers. Careless armfuls of flowers in the hands of a girl during a Sunday walk or on a table in a coffee shop look especially stylish when they look so advantageous in daylight. When traveling, for example, visual flowers can always be found on delivery of flowers. And also indoor plants are often used or you can always take pictures in a botanical garden, in a park, in a forest.

2. Emotionality

Atmosphere, feelings, aesthetics and inspiration. No one just buys a product for a specific purpose or task on Instagram. There are marketplaces for this. On Instagram, they rarely buy the result = smooth skin after a scrub. Emotions are bought here = how I feel when I use this product and belong to a certain society. Therefore, think carefully about where and what visual emotional anchors you need to put on your personal blog or on your brand profile.

3. Negligence

Perfect Instagram shots are already rather annoying. People no longer believe in successful success, perfect skin in the photo and endless happiness. The Instagram trend in 2022 is authenticity and casualness. You can safely post a selfie in the mirror, a disheveled hairstyle, a face without makeup and masks – the more natural the photo seems, the better. The trend has already been picked up by major bloggers – they post photos in grain, out of focus, strangely cropped and with a sloppy background. Right down to weird blurry selfies and even ad integrations that seem to be worked out in a couple of minutes. In fact, such frames can be part of the content plan, and advertising integrations are ordered in this style and agreed with the sponsor

4. Color scheme

Select primary colors for frames, backgrounds, and graphics. Because monochrome looks monotonous in a business account, it is recommended to take multiple colors. The palette should not be vivid in this scenario, so stick to a maximum of five hues. They can be used in groups or combined together at random. A seamless gradient transition from one hue to the next is another option.

Last year’s trend of muted tones is gradually giving way to color. Today’s visuals are all about bright colors, diverse colors, and processing with multiple presets at once. Use vibrant color schemes if you’re just getting started with page design. If bright colors aren’t your style, go with softer, more muted hues. A bright ribbon isn’t always a colorful choice.

While it’s crucial to maintain your brand’s overall identity, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with new ideas on social media. Don’t be scared to change things up a little. Small changes, such as a new hue, will not alienate your audience as long as your essential aesthetic ideals remain the same.

5. Geometry

Schemes and visual styles on Instagram structure the content on the page. With their help, the user navigates the space of publications and quickly finds posts that are interesting specifically for him.

Chess order. Someone thinks that this layout is outdated, someone – that it is an eternal classic and will always be relevant. “Chess” is built like this: images that are close in style are taken and alternated through one. As a result, diagonal lines are obtained, united according to some criterion. You can alternate light and dark photos, pastel and contrast, illustrations and text content.

In line. Rows are formed horizontally or vertically. Each line is dedicated to a theme or simply collected by color. You can also separate columns by content categories on Instagram. For example, the 1st, 4th and 7th post are portraits, the 2nd, 5th, 8th are general shots, and the 3rd, 6th and 9th are exterior shots.

Geometric frames. Images in the feed look square, but frames can make them round, rectangular, and so on. Geometric shapes can be mixed or frames of different sizes can be used. Rectangles can lie both vertically and horizontally. This design looks good in the blogs of fashion designers and interior designers, creative and travel photographers.


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