crimes of fashion


I’ve always been a sucker for good designers. So when I got the opportunity to work with an edgy designer on a project such as this, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s always nice to have someone look into your ideas and see them through your eyes. This is why most of the time, I love working with designers who really appreciate what I’m trying to accomplish with my designs. Not only do they get to make me feel like an art Nerd by revealing his/her favorite parts of their life, but they also get to tell me what they think of my style and how they see themselves in it.

Crimes of fashion is about to become reality. The idea behind this project is “fashion crimes” in the form of locking people up for having a certain fixation on a certain item of clothing. It wouldn’t be a crime if it weren’t for the fact that clothing really can be seen as an object of desire and even as an object that you own. So what better way to end someone’s obsession with fashion than to force them to think of it that way? It’s one thing to have a fetish, but if you’re going to have it, then have it so bad that you think the world has given up on your struggle with getting rid of your obsessions. But you know what? don’t.

Hello guys. I’m a fashion fanatic and I’m always looking for more ways to spice up my wardrobe. When I was in high school and college, I used to watch all the big cat shows on TV, so when my friends tried to impress me with what they were wearing while they were out looking at the cat shows, I was hooked. Now that I have moved from college to work, working in an office environment also involves sharing my fashion knowledge to others. But one of the things that’s very easy for me is dressing up! Because it’s a person that can lord it over you and force you to wear designer clothes.


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