The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About dark fashion photography tumblr

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I like getting a little creative! I also want to blog about street photography because, after all, it’s a little bit more personal. Maybe you’ve seen some of my street photography in the past, but now I want to share it with you again in the form of tumblr so you can be the first to see this fantastic site. Where have you been or been looking lately? If not check out my Tumblr and follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can now find dark fashion photography on tumblr! Dark Fashion Photography is a collection of photos of fashion icons that has been selected by members who don’t know any other way to document their style. Here, if you want to capture the street style you love, there are tons of pictures that can help you get your picture right.

Darkspace was created out of a desire to create one of the best fashion photography sites out there. That never stopped us though, so we decided to give the site a new lease on life by testing the waters and see how much we can do for fashion photography. What started on our facebook page is now available as a free tumblr at Check out the tumblr and post your music afk or don’t afk at all by sharing these photos on Tumblr and posting them in huffpost or other social media sites like twitter, google plus, vistaprint etc.

I believe that fashion photography is the most powerful medium of all to communicate the true spiritual beauty of our beautiful beings in the world around us. People of all ages, races, sizes and hair color all share a passion for photographing their own lives and those around them. You can appreciate the beauty and lightness in these images because only through witnessing them can you witness the beauty that exists within your so-called “other”.


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