Different Types Of Curly Hair

Curly Hair

In theory, understanding your curl type seems like an easy thing to do, but in reality, it is not that simple. If anyone has tried a curly product online, they know what exactly we are talking about. Not all curly hair products are useful for curly-haired women. Most women with curls have reported that they find it hard to find the right hair care products for themselves. Hence, we recommend you first understand what type your curly hair falls under. 

Yes, the process can be a bit intimidating initially, given how confusing the classification system is with numbers like 2A and 4C. But don’t worry. We are going to help you figure all of that out today. In today’s post, we will be sharing with you the different kinds of curls, their characteristics, and how they can help you identify your hair type and choose the correct product for yourself.

Type 2 – Wavy Hair

Type 2 is usually wavy hair. They are easily bendable and range from super fine to coarse. Also, such patterns come with an S sign that allows the hair to stay close to your head. 

Type 2A – Fine Hair

This type of hair is a fine type of hair. This is also a bit wavy, hence easy to straighten. Women with such textures tend to use heavy styling products so that their hair looks thick and voluminous. Unfortunately, the styling products cause more damage in the long run, rendering them lifeless and dull. In such cases, it is important to use an airy hair mousse which could make the hair look full and fluffy.

Type 2B – S Shaped Hair

Remember Salma Hayek’s hair? That’s exactly what 2b hair looks like. Her beautifully defined S-shaped hair gives us a natural surfer vibe. Not just that, her hair strands are comparatively thicker and they look thoroughly moisturized as well. Dermatologists & hair experts suggest that such sort of hair would require you to invest in a nice sea salt hair spray which comes with the goodness of coconut. Ingredients like these keep the hair enriched & hydrated as well.

Type 2C – Thick & Frizzy Hair

2C waves are usually thicker and appear frizzy. Their bends are well-defined and start right from the root area. One celebrity example of this is Shakira. If you happen to have hair like her, make sure you try a sulfate-free shampoo. Products that contain hydrating ingredients like quinoa and avocado are usually good. A leave-in conditioner is also useful as it can lock your hair’s wave pattern while keeping it hydrated.

Type 3 – Heavy Curls

Type 3 is where the real curls begin. The hair loops are somewhere between loose to tight. So, either they look super-light or like a springy corkscrew. 

Type 3A – Spring Curls

3A is a juicy spring. They look like large coils with very loose curls. Nice nourishing cream for curls can help prevent frizz. 

Type 3B & 3C – Ringlet Curls

3B & 3C more are like spring-looking ringlets or like tight corkscrews. Curly hair products that contain honey, coconut, and ginger are the most useful.

Type 4 – Afro Textured Curls

Type 4, regardless of whether it is 4a or 4b is usually afro-textured hair. This is a light, strong, and dry type of hair that has zig zags or small curls.

So that brings us to the end of the post. We hope this has given you a good understanding of the various types of curly hair. Make sure you read the post thoroughly before buying any hair care product. 


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