disco fashion images from the 70’s


A little over 30% of fashion images were created in the 1970’s. Now look at these images of 60’s fashion and how they still feel so fresh and current today.

The 70s are often overlooked for their fashion. Yet, the style and attitude of the people around us is still so fresh. Maybe we just haven’t been paying attention to our fashion habits, like we didn’t know that the 70s were that big a deal. We still may not understand the era, but we still have so many great images of it and it’s still so current.

The 70s were a time in the ’70s that looked up to the 90s. So when I look back at some of my old 80s-era fashion images, I see the 80s look up to the 90s.

Fashion is such a broad term and its always so subjective to what you like or dont like. We’re just looking at some of the images in this article, but they arent really fashion images. They are all still in our minds, and we can think of the images we see as fashion.

The style of the 80s was one of the most popular, because it was so great when it was popular. It was one of the few moments when I’d get a new shirt/pants/etc. and then I’d get a new haircut and get a black belt/sleeveless bra/etc. I looked at some of the 80s look up. I’ve been a fan of the 80s for a bit.

The 80s were a period in our lives that is often forgotten. During the 80s, there was a shift in fashion from what was considered cool to what was considered sexy. A new style of fashion emerged, which was less formal than the previous style, but wasnt as dressy. The 80s was a period in our lives where fashion was very important and everything was about fashion.

Disco was the style of music played on the radio at the time. It was a very popular style of music with its use of a lot of disco-y sounds. Disco clothing was generally made up of disco-y colors and shapes.

Disco fashion in the 80s was a move away from the more formal and sexy styles that we are used to today. This new disco fashion style wasnt a return to a more polished style of clothes, but rather it was the transition in style from the 80s to the 90s.

We can’t stop watching Disco Fashion. We can only begin to notice that it is still in the early 70s. It has a very interesting vibe and a lot of cute clothes in its collection. I don’t think disco is very retro in the way that disco is. Disco Fashion also goes hand-in-hand with everything that’s been around since the 70s. It’s a cool, cool, creative thing that we can’t control.


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