Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing the Right App Development Partner

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With so many app development companies, choosing the right app partner for your business can be challenging. Depending on your specific needs, you need a development company that understands your business and can provide you with the right solution. And while there isn’t any foolproof way of ensuring that the app development partner you select will be perfect, here are some do’s and don’ts that will help you:


1. Check the listing networks and reviews

There are a lot of review networks and popular listings that you can check to get a list of top app development companies. It will help you create a shortlist. If you have a company in mind, you can confirm whether they are listed on a network or not. In case you want a local partner, you can make a search based on location. Once you find their name, check their ratings and reviews. 

2. Gather information

Once you have a potential partners’ list, you should check their portfolio on their website. Find out about their experience in the field of app development. You don’t have to select a company that has the maximum number of years of experience. However, if you choose a newer company, it is possible that they might not have the necessary experience required to deal with the clients or resources like skilled developers.

3. Check their projects

Go through their portfolio in detail, which includes the technology that they work on. Your mobile app partner should have experience working with the latest trends in app development. While you are checking the projects they have worked on, look for projects of your domain. To see how well they have developed the application, you can even download the app from the app store.

4. Get their client details

To know whether your shortlisted app development partners are right for you or not, you can ask their clients for feedback. You can get their clients’ details directly from their website, or you can seek the information from the development company itself. Client feedback can be a sureshot way for you to decide which app development company is right for you.

5. Ensure that the company knows that your project needs

Talk to the shortlisted companies and make sure that they are transparent. Companies that are not transparent about their work and policies won’t be the right partner in the long run. You have to confirm that the company understands the needs of the project. For this, you can ask for suggestions for the app, features, or any relevant questions. Another aspect that you have to confirm is whether they are experienced or conversant in your specific domain. For instance, if you want a healthcare app, the company should have an understanding of the healthcare domain apps so that they can include any domain-specific regulations. You need a company that can provide an app that works well on mobile app affiliate programs

6. Confirm that they offer continued maintenance and support

An important factor in deciding the mobile app development partner for you is whether or not they offer post-launch maintenance and support. If they don’t, you should eliminate that company. Even if they create the best app, you will still need continued maintenance and technical support. Finding another company to handle such needs will be a big hassle for you. In most cases, there will be extra charges for post-launch maintenance and support. You must clarify these costs before hiring them.


1. Make a decision based only on cost

While cost is an important factor while deciding the right app development partner for you because of your budget, it shouldn’t be the only factor. Remember, if you pick the less-priced option, it might be a complete loss to you if the app fails to satisfy the needs of your business and users or is deficient in any aspect.

2. Forget about confidentiality 

It is important that you understand how significant confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are for your project. Don’t opt for a company that is not willing to sign an NDA.

3. Select a company that doesn’t provide documentation

The app development company should provide you with documentation that includes the detailed specifications of everything that is mutually agreed upon regarding your development project. This way, if you need any modifications in the future or have to hand over the project to another company, you will have clarity. You have to discuss this beforehand and eliminate any company that is not willing to provide the necessary documentation.


Remember that the mobile app development company you choose will decide your app’s and business’s future. So, you have to be diligent and use these tips to find the right partner.


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