dragon quest 11 dedicated follower of fashion


Back in the day, it was cool to think that you could beat the world with your clothes. For years now, we’ve been discounting everything and anything with an expensive price tag. Nowadays, I think that this trend is on its way out. People are not even willing to pay a decent price for buy a new pair of jeans just because it’s something new to them. This was done by the company Dragon Quest 11 (Dragonquest) and it is their business model and what they call “DIY fashion”. So, Dragonquest 13 is a game that goes out into the world and encourages people to wear something or do something that they usually wouldn’t look down upon if it weren’t for their fashion sense.

We all love fashion and being able to look amazing in it. But what if you could wear contemporary clothes everyday at home or even out with your friends? You can now do both! This will change lives for the better! Starting with Dragon Quest 11, every accessory that you own will be called forth from the era of the 4th generation. How cool is that? We already know about Super Dragon Ball Z, where pretty much everything from one of the most popular video games ever released has been turned intofashionable accessories.


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