10 Misconceptions Your Boss Has About emily fernandez wedding


Emi Fernandez has been marrying her husband for five years, and we can’t believe that she’s already married three times! We’re so excited to celebrate this special day with her family, and to share with you all how it’s been since she first told us what she wanted to do for her wedding.

Wedding planning is hard work, especially if you want to get married in a small, intimate space like Emi’s house. The wedding dress, her ring bearer and even the food we eat are all meant to be seen and touched.

However, it is so hard to plan a wedding in a small space. You spend a lot of time figuring out the exact size and shape of your guest room, and your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even your photographer spend a lot of time thinking about how to make the space the perfect size for their images. We were so excited to get the photos and wedding dress to you today.

Although we have no idea what we’re gonna do with all this wedding planning stuff we did, we are so excited to celebrate this special day and the beautiful bride we’ve come to know over the past few months. Of course, Em is a busy person, so we can’t even get everything done in time for the wedding without rushing. But we can’t wait to share these photos with everyone.

We are so excited to share these photos of the bride and groom with everyone, but we can’t wait to share all of the details that we have for them with you. You can check out the photos and the dress on our website at www.emilyfernandez.com.

Of all the things we could have done, having the wedding photos for our wedding to be on our website was the one of the things that really really wanted to happen. Em is a bride-to-be and she loves getting her photos out to the public. She’s been in love with her fiancé ever since she first saw him at a party, and she felt like we really needed to share that with the world.

We wanted to share the photos we had of them in person at the wedding, but a lot of people want the same photos of them in a traditional picture frame that you would get at a wedding. So we had to find a creative way to give them a new purpose. This is what we did – a few months before the wedding Em was on a trip to New York City and decided to go to an art gallery and have a portrait done of her.

In this case we ended up using a picture of the couple taken by her friend of the time, and the photographer was asked to help create something unique. It’s hard to explain without getting too much into how we did it, but if you have a photo of Em’s friend, you can create a custom frame for it.

This is just one of the many different ways we’re trying to make our wedding more special. We don’t want to just be some kind of wedding planner, we want to make it as personal and unique as possible. We’re creating a custom frame, and getting our friends to take our pictures for us.

It may not seem like we’re taking all that personal, but as long as we’re getting our friends to take pictures for us, we can’t help ourselves. We want the wedding to be the most beautiful thing we’ve ever done. We want to make something our friends have never seen or photographed. We want to have the most awesome wedding of all time.


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