Everything to Know About Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2

Your body needs vitamin K in the blood coagulation process by changing protein molecules. There are two types of vitamin K, namely vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Although both kinds are essential for bone and cardiac health maintenance, various studies have shown vitamin K2 to have more health benefits. This vitamin contributes positively to skin health, enhances brain function, and prevents diseases related to the heart. Today, you can effectively meet the needs of this vitamin in your body through its supplements. You can buy vitamin K2 tablets online or in physical stores. By taking them regularly, you will maintain the proper levels of this vitamin in your body. In turn, it will help you maintain strong bone mineral density.

What Is the Need for Vitamin K2?

Vitamin K2, along with K1, ensure healthy blood clotting and prevents bruising when your blood vessels are injured. But vitamin K2 also has health benefits that are quite different from K1. It’s vital to get around 90 to 120 micrograms of vitamin K daily. However, no specific intake is set till now for this vitamin. 

When you get adequate vitamin K2, it supports the following:

  • Heart health – Vitamin K breaks calcium in a person’s body. It, in turn, prevents hard deposits, namely calcium and fatty material, from accumulating in the artery walls. Flexible blood vessels facilitate healthy blood circulation and minimise the risk of heart diseases in a person. This effect can accrue from vitamin K2 independently. 
  • Strong bones – Every person’s body requires calcium to develop and maintain bones. When calcium gets broken in your body, vitamin K2 triggers protein activation. It allows the mineral to bind to your bones so that it can do its job. Recent studies reveal that a more significant intake of vitamin K2 enhances bone density and brings down the risk of bone fractures.
  • Anti-cancer properties – It is a lesser-known fact. Still, according to studies, vitamin K2 has the potential to slow or completely halt cancer cell activity. Some studies reveal that this vitamin can enhance the survival rate of cancer patients and minimise the reoccurrence of this ailment. These studies primarily focus on particular cancers like prostate and liver.

How Can You Get Enough Vitamin K2?

You can get sufficient amounts of this vitamin from various food sources. Apart from them, you can also take supplements if you feel that your diet lacks them. 

  • Natto – It is a food item made from fermented soybeans. It has a high level of nutrients that promote optimal gut health. One tablespoon of natto has 150 micrograms of vitamin K2.
  • Eel – Eel is one of the few seafood alternatives that contain vitamin K2. You can get 63 micrograms of vitamin K2 in 100 grams of eel. 
  • Cheese – Cheese provides the right amount of vitamin K2 and other nutrients like vitamin A, calcium, and protein. Note that the level of vitamin K2 will differ depending on the type of cheese you eat. 
  • Supplements – To prevent yourself from vitamin K2 deficiency, you can take its supplements. You can buy vitamin K2 supplements made using the patented MenaQ7 vitamin K2. MenaQ7 is a breakthrough in vitamin K2 development and research with greater bioavailability. Thus, it’s an ideal supplement for increasing vitamin K levels in your body. 

Vitamin K2 is indeed a crucial vitamin that you should consume. Ensure that your daily diet provides you with enough of it. You can also buy its supplements and meet the recommended dosage. 


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