Everything You Must Know About Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds

Home automation has taken the interior design industry by storm, and the evolution in window treatments is not much of a surprise. In recent times, motorised blinds have changed the way interior decor is perceived, making it more elegant and stylish. These blinds can be a valuable investment to your property, giving a completely different twist to any room. You can get them in different colours, fabrics, and styles that match your style and fits the budget. However, to maximise the investment and prevent any future hassle, you need to emphasise the proper application and installation of the blinds. Below are some details that can help you understand various aspects of these blinds and assist you in purchasing.

How do motorised blinds work?

Motorised window treatment comprises motorised blinds operated by an electric motor controlled with a remote. The lift function is motorised and can also be applied for the shutter or blind’s tilt function. If you want to install these kinds of blinds, you need to discuss and plan with your architect early on to ensure that the blinds are installed in specific locations and match the decor perfectly. It will also help mitigate building works and save your time and money.

How are motorised blinds operated?

These kinds of blinds can be hardwired or battery operated. When selecting the source of power, it is crucial to consider accessibility. Most motorised blinds are powered through AA batteries, while some may also have rechargeable motors connecting to an outlet when they need charging. Battery-operated blinds require charging every 9-12 months. However, this option is not viable for ceiling sunlight or high void windows where access is difficult.

If you consider the hardwiring option, all the connections need to be built as a part of the design process. Hence, the process of installation is much simpler. 

What blind option to choose?

Since blinds are a valuable investment, you need to consider the specific type of blind you need. You may opt for double roller blinds as it serves multiple purposes. In double blinds, one set provides a complete block out of light for an entire area, while another set controls light and offers necessary privacy. You may also get a customised single-blind to meet your needs. However, what kind of blind you need should be planned early as the technician needs to develop an estimate for the wiring. 

How reliable are motorised blinds?

The reliability of motorised window treatment is similar to any standard window treatment. However, you need to remember that battery-operated blinds need periodical charging based on their usage. Usually, remote-controlled blinds have a lifespan of 5 years when used at least twice a day.

Is it easy to install motorised blinds?

The installation process is quite straightforward. However, installation specifics vary based on the blind’s type. Like any other window treatments, you may require an extra pair of hands for their installation. Most shades are pre-programmed with a remote included. Reprogramming is also simple if you need to adjust lower or upper limits on the shade.

It is time you revamp your window treatment and accentuate the efficiency and comfort of your home. You can prevent a lot of hassle with the help of motorisation that helps you open and close windows several times a day. Also, you may program the blinds to be raised together at once, saving you a lot of effort and time.  


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