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What is fashion, really? It’s when a designer takes a bunch of colors and a bunch of patterns, and puts it on everything. I think I’m getting a little tired of the colors and patterns that men wear.

I think that’s why I’m so obsessed with men’s fashion. I think it’s a form of art that is so much fun to explore and so much fun to see people wearing. You can wear the same shirt on the same day as a different pattern, or the same pants as a different color and a different cut. It’s very fun to see what a person can do with a certain piece of clothing or a certain pair of pants.

In a way, I think the biggest draw for the new season is the ability to think more creatively. It’s easier to do in person when you’re hanging out with the rest of the crew.

It’s easy to over-analyze this stuff in person. If you just have a lot of friends, you can probably do some nice, detailed analysis. But if you don’t, its still fun to see what you can do if you just take a moment to look at a guy in a red blazer and blue pants and think “I wanna build a robot.” There’s something very freeing to just let go.

I mean, really, do you just have to wear a lot of red blazers and blue pants to look cool? I mean, sure, so why not? But theyre all pretty much the same. You could probably wear a variety of colors and styles to look good, but the end result isn’t worth the effort.

I think you can say that about most things, but I love the idea of a “lifestyle” that is just about how you look. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of sartorial flair, but if you’re trying to find a job in the real world, you’re probably better off just looking for a job looking for a job.

For the last week or so, Ive been looking for a new job. I have no idea what I want to do, and Ive been told a lot of different jobs. Ive been told I can work at a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bar, a spa, or a hotel. Ive been told I can work in a fast food restaurant, a bar, a hotel, a barber shop, or a pharmacy.

What Ive found is like a lot of the jobs Ive been told I can work at, theyre not ones I want to work at. This is probably because I just don’t like the way the job Ive been told I can work at feels. I feel like I have to dress a certain way, talk to a certain way, act a certain way, and if I cant do that, I dont want to do that.

I wish I could work in fast food restaurants, but every time I tell myself, “I just want to go to a bar,” I come back empty-handed. And every time I go to a spa, I end up feeling like a fish out of water, and I cant do things that the spa is telling me to do.

If you are a fashion designer who is constantly being told you can do things that you can’t, it can be tough when you have no idea where to start. While you can get away with a lot of things in your own life, the same cannot be said for fashion. This isn’t just a problem for us designers, it’s also a problem for those you can’t help but notice are trying to work in a certain way.


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