fashion closet


This is the most common question I get. I was never a closet person until recently. I just don’t have a lot of clothes. I have a closet in my kitchen, but that’s just for the appliances and stuff. I have a closet in my bedroom which I use to store my clothes and I have a closet in my bathroom too, but that’s just for toiletries.

For me, I have a closet in my bedroom that is so big I can barely fit all of my clothing there. I also have a closet in my bathroom and its the same size as my bedroom closet.

Clothing is very personal, so for us new homeowners, it’s important to have a closet you can actually put all of your clothes in. If you don’t have one, chances are you’re going to feel like a loser. In this case, our new homeowners need a closet that is big enough to fit everything. We have one, and it’s very comfortable and is also a great place to store your shoes.

Our new homeowners don’t have to feel like a loser because their closet is in a room that has a huge amount of natural light. That’s a nice perk for us new homeowners because we don’t have to spend the afternoon trying to squeeze as much natural light in as possible.

This is an example of the great thing about having a closet, its so easy to go back later and grab a bag of clothes that you already have access to. You dont have to bring in a bunch of boxes like you would with boxes of shoes. The fact is that we have a lot of shoes for our homeowners and its nice to have that type of space for that type of shoes.

If you’re like me, you dont actually have a closet or a dresser so you cant be too particular about how you lay out your clothes. My closet is way too small so I just have a few pairs of pants and some of the sweaters I have on my bed.

For those of you who have a closet, or are very particular about what items go where, I can definitely relate. My closet is just about half the size of yours, and its a good thing, because I have a lot of clothes I never wear. I don’t use a lot of them.

In my closet I have the shoes. But I also have half of my clothes and half of my socks.

And then there’s the socks. I actually have a lot of socks. Thats why I havent been wearing jeans for months. I just need to go to a store and buy an entire new wardrobe.

I’m not sure how to feel about this, but I found myself at a loss for words, so I decided to just share my thoughts on the matter. You can find the video in the video section below.


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