fashion is stupid

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Fashion is stupid. Fashion is what makes us into people. Everybody wants to be fashion and wear the best clothes but how do you know when you’re good or bad? How do you decide what to wear and how to style it? You can find that out by following my Facebook account, where I post pictures of all the new clothes I’ve bought or what looks good on me these days. I share it with my friends so that they can check out my beautiful outfits and beauty prone habits. Then someone might find a more stylish outfit, but maybe not.

Fashion is stupid, we don’t need more fashions and trends. We need to embrace them and stop confusing designers with fashion connoisseurs. Fashion is about experimentation, not trends. Do you like wearing a boot that doesn’t match your jeans? Then it’s your fault. Don’t worry, it will still fit. If that doesn’t cut it, maybe a piece of clothing will! Like my parents say, “Do as I say and do as I do”.

Fashion is stupid. But why is that? I bet most people have the same questions. Well, I’m here to save you from the stupidity that is fashion! Fashion is dumb! Fashion is made of two parts: 1) imagination 2) money. And having money gets you so many things, but trust me, it’s not all about the clothes. Fashion keeps you connected to your passions and inspires you to do more with your life. While fashionable jewelry and trendy shoes are great when you want sparkle or cool, they don’t last forever. When it comes to fashion, I always suggest that you work on your style long before going shopping for a new outfit.

Clothing is stupid. Fashion is funny, but it’s also the opposite of ridiculous. It’s entertaining to a certain point, but that’s not what makes it kind of a joke. It’s not just the costumes we choose to wear, but the way we dress it is also ridiculous. We have fashion magazines and we dictate what type of clothes are appropriate for our bodies, but why do that? Well, maybe because we’re being creative and trying to make clothing a more interesting part of our lives.

Fashion is a part of our lives and we’ve all experienced it. But in my opinion, we haven’t always gotten the memo. Many of us are wearing clothes that are just too simple, and one-hundred percent too boring. Fashion has been taken to heights that inspire amazement and surprise. A lot of times we don’t even realize how much time and energy we put into perfecting a particular look for someone else, and so what if you’re wearing something that just isn’t your type? There has to be some way to change everything! But then again, it’s a matter of perspective; it’s not like you’re seeing people dressed in sweaters with no ties or dresses with holes in them.


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