This Is Your Brain on Fashion Kill 21

fashion kill 21

We are living in the future of fashion. Now that we can watch the fashion shows and know what’s trending, we can now design our own fashion trends and watch them be born. This year, for example, is about to change the way Americans look. From the designer-driven fashion line, to the handbag trend, we will all now be wearing more incorporate i-style that’s so mainstream that it’s illegal to show up in public without wearing a hat or a jacket with a pointed cap. In fact, from now until the end of 2016, you’ll be able to buy $5 applets on Apple store to watch your favorite designers show off their collection before they hit stores.

Fashion Kill 21 has now perfected a fashion killer, has introduced the world to their new line of stylish frilly leggings. The mermaids have been designed to look fashionable but still stay loose enough to be worn on the go either at work or play. These new frilly leggings are extremely comfortable and have great stretchy waistband to ensure that you can wear them out in whatever wardrobe you’re in. They also add a little personality of course by adding water featured in the name of this line.


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