A Productive Rant About fashion monster

fashion monster

“Fashion Monster” is a song from the band the White Stripes. The lyrics are sung about a person who wants to look like something. I want to look like a monster and I want to make a fashion monster of myself.

Fashion Monster is one of the songs on the White Stripes’ recently released album, ‘No Sleep Till Brooklyn.’ I was really excited to see that the band had worked on a song about making yourself a fashion monster. In the song, the band describes wanting to become a monster and how they do it by drinking a lot of alcohol and sleeping around.

I’m like a little kid who wants to become a grown up, but I know it’s just not possible. I know it’s just not possible. I was a little kid who wanted to make myself a monster and I was like “I’ll do anything that it takes to look like a monster.

And this one is a good little joke because I am a little kid who thinks it’s a good idea to drink a lot of alcohol and sleep around and it’s a good way to make yourself a fashion monster. Im like, okay, I can do that.

It’s an actual thing. As a matter of fact, you can do pretty much anything you want to do when you’re old like buy a house with a pool and a hot tub and a hot dog stand. And you can hang out with the people who are like, “I’m a fashion monster, I want to be a fashion monster,” and then you can do anything you want to do.

When one of the other characters wants to drink, they just have to walk away before realizing it. A lot of times they just let it go in the tank. And then they never get back. And when you’re a man, you have to drink the whole time.

Yes. Well, it is a thing where you can drink yourself into a coma and then wake up to a morning where you are not drunk. And then you can do anything you want in the morning.

So, a fashion monster is basically a person who is very strong and capable of being a victim in a fashion.

We’re talking about a character who makes a lot of fashion choices. Like, say, a woman who likes to wear a lot of make-up and jewelry. Or a guy who likes to wear jeans, cowboy boots, and a few other classic looks. A fashion monster makes a choice about what style of dress to wear. And then when you drink you have to drink for a few days to try and make up for it.

Or, you know, the way people who are homeless and living in their cars do. They don’t have money, they don’t have a place to live, so they choose to walk around in their cars and get doused with gasoline to try and stay warm.


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