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Fashion Nova has gained national exposure for delivering a virtual shopping experience to millions of consumers. With a large audience, fashion Nova has begun to receive large amounts of media attention and feedback from consumers. Fashion Nova is used by clients such as Ivanka Trump, Kim Kardashian, and Madonna. Fashion Nova looks trendy and can be seen on television shows like Booty Call in the United States, Super Bowl in the United States, Vogue in Canada, and the most recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Fashion Nova was one of the first programs to utilize augmented reality (AR) tech at major events including Facebook Live at this year’s Super Bowl XLVII event.

Fashion nova will be your secret santa. Fashion nova is a social experiment in giving living fashion to those in need. The design of the clothes…and the designers who created them…are all about giving back to the community, and Fashion nova wants to make a difference. This is why she decided to create this project over 5 years ago and it’s been a long journey from there, but now, Fashion nova is bringing her secret Santa experience into the public domain…

Modern fashions are not always what they seem. From the latest trends to the latest fashion lines, there are many new and exciting products on the market that would be easy to miss if you searched for them on google. Do you have an opinion about any of these products? Fear not!I will provide you with a list of the current fashion trends for your viewing pleasure!If you can’t access the Google search results, I will provide a link HERE . . .which you can leave a comment below and share your opinion.


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