Finding the Right Wall Decor: Should You Choose Canvas or Metal Prints?

Wall Decor

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a room is to fill those empty wall spaces with some vibrant wall decor. And thanks to advances in the printing industry, there’s now a huge range of custom printing options for your wall art: not just the classic options like framed photos and posters, but fresh alternatives such as canvas prints and prints on metal. 

There’s definitely more than one way to print a picture these days – so it’s worth taking some time to think about which is the best option for you. In this article we’re going to delve into the nuances of custom printing and introduce the most popular types of wall decor!

  1. A Few Words about Custom Printing

Let’s first clarify what custom printing is and what sets it apart from regular printing. The concept is pretty much self-explanatory – custom printing is printing done to your specific requirements. Unlike the mass-produced prints available in many shops, each custom print is a complete one-off. Your photos will be reproduced on a variety of wall art mediums (like photo paper, canvas, and metal panels) or on home & lifestyle accessories

If you’re looking for personalized wall decor, custom printing should be your first choice. Over the last few years the industry has developed, and it’s now easy to find print options to suit any budget. The most sought-after print types are canvas prints and metal prints – let’s take a closer look at both!

  1. Canvas Prints – Artistic and Substantial

Canvas paintings have been around for centuries, but canvas photo prints have entered the world of interior design relatively recently. But of one thing we can be sure – these prints are here to stay. Crisp photo reproduction, a pliable print surface, amazing durability and classically simple design – these are only some of the reasons why people around the world are smitten with canvas prints.

Unlike paper-thin photos and posters, canvas prints are pleasingly substantial. Printed in all three dimensions, they can be displayed in two different ways: you can either hang the prints up or lean them against the wall. The canvas fabric is stretched over a sturdy inner frame (the best providers, such as, use only wooden frames and employ only experienced craftsmen to stretch the canvas). If you wish, you can order an additional outer frame to achieve that full “gallery exhibit” aesthetic.

  1. Metal Prints – Glamorous and Elegant

Canvas prints come with a matte finish and a soft textured surface. By contrast, metal prints are glossy and smooth – perfect for vibrant colors, bold compositions and modern design schemes.

Metal prints consist of a polyethylene core enclosed by a pair of aluminum sheets. Some companies –, for example – also offer a UV protective laminate as standard. Their robust design means metal prints are wonderfully durable – built to last for decades.

The radiant surface of metal prints catches the light and produces magical reflections. And as they’re more resistant to UV damage than canvas prints, they can safely be displayed in rooms that get a lot of sunlight. Last but not least, the exceptional print quality means any metal print is guaranteed to wow your guests.
So should you choose canvas or metal prints for your wall decor? It depends on your photos and the effect you want to achieve – we recommendchoosing canvas prints to give your room an artistic vibe, and metal prints to create a stunningly modern composition.


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