Five Reasons to Use Flyers to Promote Special Events

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There has been an introduction of mass advertising tools in the past few years. From the traditional word of mouth, we have added print, digital and social media to reach wider audiences and advertise various events. Just like word of mouth, flyers have been a constant mode of advertising events. 

With Facebook and Twitter providing a platform to businesses to advertise their events to a targeted audience on the social media platform, it is still laborious to reach out to the correct target audience and create the desired impact. Flyers as a medium have been in trend since its beginning because it is a direct marketing technique that reaches the audience in numerous ways. 

Here are the reasons why flyers should be used as a medium to promote special events.

Wider Audience reach

Flyers help you reach the desired target audience in a specific demographic and geographical setup. There are chances that most of your target audience may not be tech-savvy; hence, they may not come across your digital advertisement. So they can be easily reached out through the help of flyers.

There are various ways to distribute the flyers to reach your audience. 

  • You may use newspapers as a medium.
  • Maildrop
  • Distributing in stores
  • Street distribution 

Flyers are tangible.

Any physical product goes a long way. Once a customer has the flyer in his hands, he will surely read through it if the design attracts him. If he does not completely read the flyer, he will still have an idea about the event. Physical touch creates a sense of curiosity; hence plays an important role in marketing your event. For instance, Giant tiger flyers are for promoting new products and releases. Ensure that the design and size complement each other.

Unique and Creative designs

When you decide to promote your events through flyers, there is no limit on how creatively you can display your messages on the flyers. You have a wide range of design, color, and size options available both online and offline. The flyer printing businesses are now hiring certified designers who can give out the best results to your ideas. You may want to use foldable flyers as they are attractive and can flash your message more creatively and effectively. The flyer’s design and size may also depend on the type of event you want to advertise. 

Engagement through incentives

The use of coupon codes, vouchers, and discount coupons on the flyers is a great way to get customers interested in the event. It is a human thing to be attracted to discounts or any special offers; hence you may want to use this to your benefit to increase your customer base for the special events. Putting discount offers on the flyers like the one used in Canada weekly flyer is a great way to add importance to your flyer and increase customer engagement. 


Many businesses struggle to spend large amounts on advertising as billboards, hoardings, etc., are costly and may not help them reach their desired audience. As compared to other mediums of advertisements, Flyers are way too cost-effective. When we get them printed in bulk numbers, the cost dips down further, helping the businesses to use their advertising budget more effectively. 


When you organize any special event such as a sale, some concert, poetry slams or perhaps a store opening, advertising it the correct way will be extremely beneficial. You can use various modes such as television, radio billboards, hoardings, or newspaper ads. These will surely advertise and bring people to notice you, but they will go beyond the budget for new or small businesses; hence, a promotional and effective medium can be flyers. 


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