Five ways new parents can identify & deal with medical errors

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The delivery room is where a parent would experience a memorable event; the birth of their child. But sometimes, the delivery process doesn’t go as planned and results in the child sustaining injuries, causing depression and trauma to the parents. 

But it’s worse when these injuries directly result from negligence from the medical personnel in charge of the delivery process. Some birth injuries are more severe and are caused by improper fetal monitoring, prolonged/delayed labor, or asphyxia, causing the baby to need a lifetime of care. 

As a parent, when you’re inside a delivery room, things will happen rapidly and without any warning. If your baby goes through a problem, the fetal monitor will inform your doctor of impending distress. 

Furthermore, failing to identify complications during the delivery process can delay treatments or cause other avoidable medical errors. These include medical issues like trauma to the child’s brain, the transmission of harmful bacteria, and much more. 

Since first-time parents cannot identify these issues, we’ve highlighted practical ways of identifying medical errors during and after the delivery process. 

Hire a childbirth attorney. 

When your child suffers from a childbirth injury, it will often bring numerous life-changing results for you and your family. Therefore, taking legal action and filing a lawsuit against the negligent party will sometimes be your best course of action. 

Putting your newborn’s fate in your lawyer’s hand won’t be easy, but it is logical if you want to hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

A competent attorney will help you understand what to look for when identifying the extent of the damage caused to your child. 

After weighing the pros and cons, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision when deciding the compensation amount.  

Because filing a lawsuit isn’t easy and there is a lengthy procedure, your attorney will start by gathering evidence, interviewing healthcare workers, and collaborating with other medical experts to make your case stronger. 

For your part, create a list of questions to ask your attorney to understand the ins and outs of the entire legal procedure. This knowledge will help you weigh the pros and cons of the results more clearly. 

File a formal complaint with the healthcare facility. 

Sometimes, it would be wise to file a formal complaint to the clinic or hospital to ensure that the negligent doctor(s) are accountable for their actions. 

Typically, they will undergo investigation as per the internal complaints procedures set by their employer. This is necessary to solve the matter internally without going to court.

Why do some people avoid going to court? Because being questioned about your baby’s health and your personal life will take its toll on you. 

In addition, court proceedings aren’t cheap, and there is always the matter of paying your lawyer. 

Be actively involved in your newborn’s care before, after, and during delivery. 

The single most important way to identify and avoid medical errors during delivery is to be an active member of your baby’s healthcare team. It means participating in every decision about your child’s healthcare during, before, and after delivery. 

According to studies, parents actively involved in their child’s healthcare decisions tend to experience fewer medical errors during the delivery process.

Furthermore, ensure that your doctor knows everything about your baby’s current medical condition, whether it’s in the mother’s womb or the pediatric care unit. Moreover, ensure that your child receives proper medication if experiencing any issues due to childbirth complications. 

If the doctor writes you a prescription, ensure that you read it thoroughly and research what every medicine is for. 

In the end, if you’re involved in every step of your baby’s healthcare process, you will have a better chance to spot and deal with medical errors if they arise.

Take a childbirth education class or course. 

Pregnancy is usually a joyful and exciting time for parents. However, this excitement can sometimes lead to stress and anxiety, especially as a first-time parent. 

That said, reading through various childbirth education forums and websites, you can relieve some of the stress and anxiety associated with childbirth.

For instance, most childbirth education courses focus on subjects that cover more than just delivery and labor. In fact, these courses allow you to learn about the delivery process as a whole, so you’re well-equipped and informed to spot medical errors during delivery. 

Furthermore, childbirth courses will also help you understand various labor stages, including proper delivery of the placenta and what your doctor should do if you experience active labor or early labor. 

In the end, the more you learn about the delivery process, the more well-equipped you and your spouse will be to identify instances of negligence and medical errors.

Understand the causes of medical errors. 

The delivery process calls for coordination between multiple well-trained healthcare workers. But, unfortunately, even with proper planning, medical errors can happen during delivery, which can cause severe, life-long birth injuries to your baby. 

But, understanding the causes of medical errors allow you to take a more proactive approach to identify and deal with them if they arise. 

According to a study conducted by CRICO Strategies (the insurance company owned by the Harvard medical community), a few typical causes of medical errors during childbirth include;

  • Ineffective supervision
  • Miscommunication
  • Administrative failure
  • Technical errors
  • Errors in clinical judgment

So, consider looking up what these root causes relate to and ensure that your is in safe hands. 


Usually, mothers will sense if their baby suffers problems or is in distress, even before medical equipment picks up distress signals. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn more about childbirth and be prepared to tackle instances of neglect and the errors that might occur. 

That said, if your baby has suffered childbirth injuries due to your obstetrician’s negligence, don’t hesitate and file a birth injury lawsuit against them. 

Sometimes, the window for filing a case is limited, so don’t wait. It’s time to take action!


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