Fool-proof Tips to Keep Your Child in Bed

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No matter how hard you try to train your child to sleep on their bed, there is still a huge chance that they will walk in during the middle of the night. Kids would still want to sleep in their parents’ bed any chance possible. These kids will leave their cosy king single bed for a chance to cuddle with you. 

If you want to regain your privacy and keep your bed to yourself, you must find the best ways to get your kids to stay in their beds all night long. Here are several surefire tips to encourage your kids to avoid invading your bedroom.  

Tip #1: Be Firm and Consistent

It would be best to set firm boundaries to get your ideal results. For example, you must implement a consistent bedtime and stick to your bedtime routine all the time. These will let your kids know their sleeping time so that they will follow it every night. 

You must also put them to sleep in their bed every time. Tucking them to bed will help the child get used to their own space. Once they become comfortable, it would be easier for them to sleep soundly on their own all night long. It will help prevent unnecessary trips to your bedroom in the middle of the night. 

Tip #2: Avoid Focusing on Non-Ideal Behaviours

It could be tempting to yell or scold your child to stay on his king single bed each time he barges into your room. However, you must remember that whatever you focus on could serve as a reinforcement to your child. 

Each time you scold them for coming to your room, you will reinforce the unwanted behaviour because your kid will like getting the attention. They will feel rewarded whenever you spend time scolding them, so they will keep doing whatever you do not want them to do. 

If you do not want your child to keep moving to your room, you can return them to their bed without showing any emotion. Shouting or getting mad will only make the situation worse, so take deep breaths before you find yourself getting angry all the time. 

Tip #3: Solve Their Anxiety Issues 

Most of the time, kids return to their parents’ room because they fear being alone. You need to help them conquer their fears so they can finally relax and rest in their bed. 

If your child is afraid of dark spaces, you can purchase a night light that matches their personality. You may also make them makeshift “anti-monster spray” if they are afraid to sleep by themselves due to imaginary monsters. These items could allow your kids to conquer their worries and make them feel secure even while they sleep. 

Tip #4: Turn the Situation Around 

Once your child wakes up from sleep in the middle of the night, he might want you to comfort them. But instead of letting the kid into your bed, you must consider joining them in their room. 

By doing the reversal of roles, you can easily step out of the bedroom once your child is already settled. It will also reinforce your decision to let them sleep in their bed instead of going back to co-sleeping.  

It is also ideal to invest in a comfortable and high-quality king single bed for your child’s room. You can ask them for the style they want, so they will get excited each time they sleep. Get bed sheets and pillowcases in their favourite colours so your child will have a sense of belonging when sleeping. 


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