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Atlanta is the Capital of Georgia and it is popular among tourists for its historic places, night life, fun activities of children and best shopping experience. Coca Cola world and Georgia Aquarium are the must visit places in Atlanta. The Varsity, fast food restaurant is very famous among food lovers. Here we will see the best fun ways to spend a day in Atlanta.

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The Atlanta Beltline

Who would have thought that an Unger graduate thesis project will become one of the most visited tourist spots in Atlanta? You heard it right. The road that converged before is different. It divides into multiple lanes, each filled with unique plants and beautiful art. This railroad has now become the center of attraction in Atlanta. You can make your loops. If you have very little time that you want to spend here, then you can pick your starting and destination point so that your journey can be a shorter one.

Jimmy Carter presidential library

For every person who enjoys visiting museums or reading books, this is the place for you. This library plus museum is an architectural beauty and also a hot spot in the state. Though they constructed it in the late nineteen nineties’ it is still one of the most beautiful buildings in Atlanta. This museum shows Carter’s life, history, education, life before and after his time in the oval office.

The civil and human rights center

It celebrates the American civil rights movement and is built-in 2014. It is pretty new. Its structure is almost modern with a bit of official touch to it. A walk-through in this center will let you explore laws that govern the government against racism and inequality. It shows us about the communities that fought for equality and human rights.

Buford Highway

If you are a food lover, then buckle up and visit the Buford Highway. You can see street foods and restaurants that offer unique cuisines and food items all across the roads. You will find Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Cuban, and other different cuisines as well. Even if it’s not that fancy, the food is terrific, and you can never get enough of it.

Georgia Aquarium

This Aquarium is one of the most famous centers of attractions in Atlanta. It is the largest indoor stadium ever. You can find more than ten thousand creatures here at the Aquarium. Penguins, whales, different fish species, sea horses, and whatnot? It’s not just a tourist place, but it’s also home to multiple marine biologists.

We hope you enjoy the article and this information will help you in the next Atlanta trip.


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