funny fashion


I love fashion. I always have. As a college student, I always had a bag of jeans, a bag of khakis, a box of lip balm, and a bag of makeup. I never really understood what I was getting into. As I got older, I started to understand that fashion was a part of who I was, and I started to focus more on what I was wearing.

Fashion is a funny thing, because it’s kind of like a personal expression of your personality. It’s like taking a picture of yourself but you don’t know what you’re putting on your body. The more I wore clothes, the more I thought it was a reflection of who I am. I never really had a problem wearing clothes off of campus, but I had a problem not wearing them on the street.

Fashion is one aspect of personality, but it is also a way of expressing who you are. If your outfit is a reflection of who you are, that means it has an effect on your emotions. If you’re someone who is a bit of a perfectionist in your clothing choices, you can be very self-conscious about it.

I am a little more than a little self-conscious about it. I recently wore a dress I bought at a department store in my freshman year of college, and I had to stop myself from pulling it down by the zipper, or even worse, getting it wet. The reason for this is that I have a lot of thoughts about it that are very difficult to express or discuss, and I can’t see that in my own body.

This is the same problem that happens when you get fat and want to pull down your jeans. As someone who always wants to be in control in my wardrobe and in my physical appearance, it means that I have to consciously control myself to ensure that I dont look like a cartoon when I get out in public. Self-control is a good thing, but it takes a lot of discipline and self-knowledge to really get it right.

I think that this is the exact reason why fashion designers (and other people in the fashion world) have such a hard time talking about it. It’s as if they’re having a conversation with themselves. But like most of the problems we have with our own bodies, a lot of people around us do have a hard time talking about them either.

If you think about it, it’s almost impossible to look like something that isn’t. From a very early age, you’re made up of layers of skin, hair, muscle, and most importantly, clothes. You have to get everything in the right places and get it on perfectly.

You have clothes that stick to your body, you have hair that sticks to your body, and you have a body that sticks to your clothes. That is why fashion is such a huge part of who we are and why so many people have such hard time talking about it. Because to say that something is not made of fabric is to say that it is not real. You can never be completely real by just wearing clothes that you have to lay out on the ground and walk around.

Yeah, but it’s pretty amazing that someone can be completely real and still have a huge number of clothes that stick to their body. It’s like being a supermodel. I mean, I can’t even get a shirt that I like to wear without thinking about how it would look on me. That’s a lot of fabric.

The same goes for the clothes that we wear every day. You can be as real as you want, but sometimes you just need to change something. In this case, we are wearing pants that are made of denim which is probably a good thing since if we got caught by the Visionaries it would be wearing some sort of suit that we would probably be dead in.


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