Getting the Best From Your Diamond Core Drill Bits’ Performance

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If you are working in the construction or mining industry, it should be no surprise that projects will require the expertise of concrete coring. Concrete core drilling, also known as concrete coring, helps remove cylindrical-shaped concrete pieces, called a core, found in constructed structures such as walls, ceilings, etc. Professionals use tools that are designed for heavy-duty work; mostly, they must use a diamond cutting drill. It aids in drilling perfectly round holes on concrete structures. 

One essential that is needed for this process are core drill bits. These are types of cutting tools with a hollow centre, almost like hole saws, but differ in the application. While hole saws are meant to create a large hole in a workpiece, core drill bits are made to drill or cut a hole and remove a core sample without leaving material behind.

If concrete coring is conducted using a diamond core drill bit, this process is known as diamond coring. Diamond drill bits are made up of arranged industrial category small diamonds in a metallic pattern. These diamonds fade away as you do the drilling. A good rule of thumb to consider is using a harder diamond bit on drilling softer concrete and a softer diamond bit on drilling harder concrete.

Facts to Know About Diamond Core Bits

Diamond core bits are easy to use, but since diamond is the hardest material, it is perfect for drilling jobs. It would be good to know the materials they apply to maximize their usage. Materials like stone, rocks, granite, tile, marble, slate, porcelain, etc., are where diamond core bits are best used.

The two types of diamond core bits according to their bond are sintered and bonded. Sintered diamond core bits are those types that are good for drilling hard materials. This type of diamond core bits has its diamond embedded directly in the steel tip, allowing new diamonds to resurface as the metal tip wears off. Meanwhile, bonded diamond drill bits with diamond bonded to the edge of the tip, making it relatively slow and inexpensive.

It is also important to know the lifespan of diamond core bits and what factors affect it. Factors include thickness, hardness, and the abrasive quality of the material you are drilling. The speed and pressure used during drilling affect the lifespan as well. 

Advantages of Using Diamond Core Bits

Diamond, being the toughest material out there, is proven to be reliable in cutting through the toughest tiles like granite, porcelain and even concrete. As it cuts materials with ease, debris and dust are lessen during its operation compared to other drill bits made from other materials. The minimal dust, debris and noise make this one of the friendliest core drill bits for your health and the environment.

With the speed and ease it produces even when cutting strong materials, diamond core drill bits create less noise. Lastly, since diamond is used in making these core drill bits, it is most likely to be more expensive than the others, but it is redeemed with its durability, making it more cost-effective in the long run. 

Understanding these facts and knowing how to handle this important tool for drilling will make it easier to capitalize on its use. This tool is not completely flawless but knowing what to avoid beforehand can preserve its performance and productivity.


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