gigi hadid vs fashion show 2016


Wow, I was expecting something like this for Gigi Hadid and her fashion show at the 2015 Fashion Show. But girl, did she have to go through all that the internet had to say about Gigi Hadid’s outfit. She looked amazing but to be honest, the only reason I gave her a full five stars was because she changed up my outfit with purple and orange. Also, while it may not look like it yet in person, it definitely looks like pink.

Got a sweet wish for a fashion show that featured Gigi Hadid? Well, Gigi Hadid is about to make fashion history! Gigi hadd is a young and beautiful American model who has been making an impression on the fashion world and is one of the most popular models in the world. However, despite being extremely gorgeous, she still struggles with her confidence in front of the camera. As part of her training program, Gigi completed a 24-hour fitness challenge called “Pronto Karaoke.” The goal of this fitness challenge was to burn 75 pounds of lean body fat.


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