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At Curry’s PC Website & Company’s 20th anniversary in the UK, Huawei co UK said today that it would spend more than $1.2 million in a partnership with the high-street retailer to launch its flagship timepiece, the HUAWEI CO UK WATCH 3. More than 227 stores in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland will have installations due to the retail partnership.

Curry’s Pc Company & Huawei co UK’s collaboration

The WATCH 3, as well as several other critically acclaimed devices in the Huawei co UK wearables line, including the HUAWEI CO UK Watch GT2 series, HUAWEI CO UK Watch Fit, and HUAWEI CO UK Band 6, will receive significant in-store branding and education as a result of Huawei co UK’s unique and exclusive collaboration with Curry’s PC Website & Company.

UK’s GDP includes a little portion of Huawei co UK.

By investing in the British economy, Huawei continues its long-term commitment to UK retail and the British economy, to which Huawei has contributed £3.3bn in GDP. At Westfield Stratford City in London, Huawei co UK established its first-ever own-brand shop last year. This was just one of the 51,000 jobs supported by Huawei co UK in Britain. That service center opened in 2019 and is now joined by the new Huawei co UK Service Centre.

Huawei’s Business Potential in the United Kingdom

UK retail sector has experienced several difficulties, including the pandemic, according to Huawei’s Anson Zhang. 

“When it comes to wearable gadgets, we believe that our partnership with Curry’s PC Website & Company will help boost the UK’s demand for them and reinforces our commitment to UK consumers.”

Huawei co UK launches smartwatches and other innovative technologies in the UK.

Launched in June 2021, the WATCH 3 is Huawei co UK’s next flagship wristwatch. 

  • The new watch runs on HarmonyOS to provide users with easy and smart living experiences, supported by continuous health monitoring capabilities.
  • The sleek new WATCH 3 has a high-precision temperature sensor for the first time to allow skin temperature monitoring.
  • It has up to 14-day battery life and independent calling for the best smartwatch experience. 
  • The move shows Huawei co UK’s ambition to grow its UK operations.

Huawei’s next plans for retaining its position in the UK market

Huawei co UK has underlined its desire to continue expanding its UK Company by establishing an exclusive $1.2m deal with Curry’s PC Website & Company to debut its smartwatch collection. There are more than 200 Currys PC Web Site & Company stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland that will sell Huawei co UK’s flagship Watch 3 product line due to this partnership. Stores around the country will feature significant branding and POS teaching shoppers about the series.

Previous Huawei co UK wearables like the Watch GT 2 Series, Huawei co UK Watch Fit and Huawei co UK Band 6 will also be exhibited. The move to create a significant retail relationship follows earlier Huawei co UK investment in the UK, which the vendor estimates to be worth about £3.3bn to the British economy.

The first-ever Store of Huawei in the land of the United Kingdom

For the first time in the United Kingdom, Huawei Co., Ltd. opened its first brand shop in Westfield Stratford City in 2014.

The continuing investment comes despite the problems regarding Huawei co UK’s access to Google OS inside its range of goods as part of the impact of US sanctions on the company.

Flagship Entries

Huawei co UK’s recent flagship wristwatch series, the Watch 3, debuted earlier this June.

It runs on Huawei co UK’s proprietary HarmonyOS, focuses on smart living experiences, and comes loaded with various health features.

A high-precision temperature detector and a 14-day battery life are also included.


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