How Taxi Nova Milanese Can Increase Your Profit!

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Taxi Nova Milanese is an app that generates more profit for the driver, while at the same time leading to lower fares for passengers. Built with drivers in mind – it is both easy to use and absolutely free.

Taxi Nova Milanese tracks all trips, accepts bookings, keeps records and provides different useful reports – all in one app.

Taxi Nova Milanese also allows passengers to see the driver’s rating and drivers to rate passengers. They even have the option to call the passenger or send them a message.

The app is available on both iOS and Android, which means it can be used by both taxi drivers and private chauffeurs who often work night shifts.

Taxi Nova Milanese can be integrated with any other booking system you choose, which means you can choose whether or not your customers will use your existing booking system or you want them to use Taxi Nova Milanese exclusively.

You can also choose whether or not to display the “taxi of the day” rate on your website. This means you don’t have to pay for another app, and at the same time, you adjust the taxi rate based on demand and you do not have to take a commission from each booking.

“Taxi Nova Milanese makes it so much easier for drivers and passengers to use the app! You pay for each trip, but it is driven through our system so no commission is taken from either side. It’s perfect!” – Giovanni Verardo, Taxi Nova Milanese Driver

“I love how easy it is now to order a taxi with Taxi Nova Milanese. A couple clicks and the taxi is at my door in no time. At first I was skeptical of the system, but now it is very reliable and I recommend it to everyone!” – Luiz Vazquez, Taxi Nova Milanese Driver

“With Taxi Nova Milanese, I can receive bookings from different smartphones or tablets on the same day. They are sent automatically. This helps me to make more money.” – Marco Panarelli, Taxi Nova Milanese Driver

Taxi Nova Milanese can also be used for private chauffeuring services. A private car driver can use the app to receive bookings for his or her vehicle, or they can choose whether or not to display their own rate on the app.

Private car drivers can use the same app to upload their current rates for passengers to see and they can also choose whether or not they want their rate displayed for customers to see.

Taxi Nova Milanese has an easy-to-use interface that allows private chauffeurs to log bookings, accept bookings, manage the driver profile, manage the vehicle profile and manage the invoice.

As you know, there are many private car drivers who work part-time or even full-time for other companies.

Taxi Nova Milanese is ideal for these drivers, allowing them to receive bookings through their company’s app. Taxi Nova Milanese automatically tracks the trips and the driver keeps records.

“With Taxi Nova Milanese, I can finally keep track of my earnings. I work for a company that has its own app to track trips, but I still have to log into that app and upload my trips. Now, with Taxi Nova Milanese, I don’t have to do that. It’s amazing!” – Sergio Bacci, Private Car Driver

Taxi Nova Milanese can also be used as an alternative for rideshare drivers. The built-in ratings and messaging features allow passengers and drivers to rate each other and communicate with each other on the app.

Taxi Nova Milanese is the first app to offer this service. It’s an excellent way to avoid problems and disputes with passengers, and it also helps drivers who want to build a trustworthy reputation.

“With Taxi Nova Milanese, I don’t have to worry about disputes with passengers anymore. The app gave me the option to call them or message them after the trip, which is much more professional!” – Vicenzo Nucera, Uber Driver

Taxi Nova Milanese can be used for traditional taxis or private chauffeurs, but it can also be used by ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft. These companies use their own apps to accept bookings and track trips.


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