How Tech Advances Influenced the Gaming Industry


What playing a game actually entails is the activity that people like to engage in for entertainment and fun. The reasons why people enjoy games are undoubtedly more than a few. Some of these include the above mentioned entertainment, improved brain function, the release of the happy chemical serotonin, and the challenge we provide for our cognitive skills with the goal of improving them.

As technology goes forward and it is constantly evolving and advancing, the thrill of playing games is only getting bigger, and game developers are working hard in creating games with even more creativity, stimulus and satisfaction than ever before.

Things have dramatically changed since the first board game found in Egypt named Senet, to today’s VR gaming, gesture control and facial recognition technologies developers come up with. Going through history will help us see just how much technology has influenced the gaming industry. Let’s dive in!

  • [3500 BC] Most cultures played board games as a means for fun. This went on for quite some time throughout history. The first game ever was found in the First Dynasty burials of Egypt.
  • [17th Century] This is a time period when games like draughts and card games were played, and people enjoyed them very much. However that may be, the Pilgrims and Puritans of New England did not agree with the rest, and these games were largely frowned upon.
  • [1843] This is the period when there was a shift noticed – a transfer of some sorts from agrarian to a more urban style of living. People started to focus on the benefits from leisure time, and this is when the first board game in the US was published. It was known as “The Mansion of Happiness”, and it was based on Christian morality. Let’s talk about the most widespread site F95zone, where you can find lots of games and todayvideos for real fun.
  • [19th Century] During this time in history, board games were commercially made and sold. There were noticeable advances in paper and printmaking during the 19th century, and this had an impact on the board games among all other things. Chromolithography was immensely appreciated and it enabled colored images for the card and board games created in that period.
  • [1937] This is the year when the first ever digital computer was made possible. It is a crucial moment for the gaming industry – from here on tech advances in gaming will only get better and more sophisticated. Additionally, in 1950 computer geniuses started creating and developing simple games. They were part of their research.
  • [1970] A big year for video games. The first game of this type was released – “Computer Space”. It was developed by Nutting Associated. Next, in 1972 the game “Ping” was created, and the coin operated games started to gain popularity.
  • [1980s] In the 80s home computers had built in games, and also floppy disks appeared. All this made portable games a reality. In order to provide a better gaming experience, new software and more advanced technologies were used for home computers. Slowly the internet became more readily available, and people started using the dial up bulletin board systems for online game playing. Even board game creators joined the frenzy and started making their computer and video counterparts.
  • [1990s] This is when arcade games saw a decline, and computer games saw growth like never before. Graphics were improved, sounds were improved, and computer and video games became the first choice for a great number of players.
  • [1997-2000] Modern times require more modern technology, and this is the period when mobile phones appeared, and Nokia decided to install the game “Snake” on their models. This is a period in contemporary history when the market for all types of gaming started to bloom and grow. It is a time when even online casino games had their boom. Games like Video slots casino players enjoy, started to gain popularity, and they never stopped.
  • [2012-2016] All the advancements in graphics, computer technology, video and camera technologies have made Virtual Reality a possibility. It is an immensely popular type of game.
  • [2017 – today] Things are looking up, and technology doesn’t seem to stop surprising us. Players are excited for new things that are on the verge of developing, and they can’t wait to see what other types of game technological advancements will make possible.


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