How to become fluent in English in class 6


It is an international tongue. English is the only language that is spoken in most parts of the world. Today this language has made communication easier. It helps to connect to people in different parts of the world.

English comprises both written and verbal communication. Today, it is important to master English verbally and in written proficiency to avoid any kind of barrier in conversation.

Importance of English in Academics for school students

  • English is the source of communication for school students. As all the academic courses are printed in the English language. It creates a foundation for other subjects too.
  • It makes the base strong for school-going children.
  • It helps to build and nurture good moral values. Students understand the difference between different moral values.
  • It makes students ready for various competitions. Competitions are only a source to enhance the skills.
  • Helps to improve communication skills among students. They can speak effectively and in an understandable form.
  • Learning English helps to pursue different career opportunities. Helps to build strong self-confidence. It encourages students to face people.
  • English is the only subject that stays with the student life long. It helps them to write and read well.

The importance of the English language at the primary level

The primary level is the stage where children can easily learn and grasp things. Firstly they learn by seeing their parents. They are their first teachers. The way parents act, children try to copy them. Secondly, they learn in their academics.  Here teachers play a crucial role in building true moral values. Right from the beginning, parents must see that seeds are rightly nurtured. 

Parents should also look towards their child’s academics. They should look towards their child’s learning and reading habits. Always establish a routine with your children at home. Carry out short sessions with them. Try to play word games, memory games, read out stories, watch English stories, and much more. By doing this students will feel more connected and will be able to communicate more effectively. Always have a fun conversation in English with your child. Try to listen to them. Always encourage them. This will boost up their confidence.

Responsibilities of teachers towards the English language

Teachers play an important role in nurturing values. It is the responsibility of teachers to develop skills of learning, reading, speaking, and writing. The main objective is to develop all these skills in such a way that children can understand and communicate effectively. Teaching should be made enjoyable so that students take interest in it. On the other hand, reading and making them write question answers will make them bored. Always try to introduce an enjoyable method, such that everyone enjoys.

Following are points teachers should keep in mind while teaching the English language

  • Always begin with simple communication. Do not overload children with difficult words. Always start with basic
  • Make learning fun by reading comprehensions and stories
  • Make children understand the importance of the English language
  • Try to conduct tests weekly. By doing this one’s potential can be identified. And more emphasis can be given to weak students.
  • Introduce children to various speaking competitions like speech, poem telling, story writing, English quiz, etc. This will introduce enthusiasm in them to face the crowd.
  • Always provide rewards. This encourages students to fight more. Praise them so that they do not feel low.
  • Try to communicate with them. Understand their problems and try to find out the best possible solutions for them. Always provide a friendly nature to them where they can feel comfortable.

Tips and Tricks for students to be fluent in the language

Before studying and practicing any language students should keep in mind that the more they practice the more will be the results. This language requires a good amount of practice. Students should follow the below-mentioned points to be fluent in English

  • English cannot be practiced in one day. It requires a routine. Read newspapers, storybooks, and course books daily to improve fluency. 
  • Speak openly in front of others. Do not hesitate if wrong. Never get nervous in facing the crowd. Without trying nothing will improve.
  • Speak openly with teachers. Always clear your doubts. Teachers will always help to fix any kind of grammatical errors. Seek their support, this will improve communication skills.
  • Try to study in groups. In a group study, English discussions will be more efficient. Improvement in conversation is the first step to success.
  • Practice both written as well as verbal communication. Not only writing skills but speaking skills should be mastered. These both are interlinked. If any of them is weak, it will affect overall results.
  • Never miss any kind of tests conducted by teachers. This will help to understand the subject.
  • Develop a dictionary reading habit. Any difficult word can be easily phased out by reading a dictionary. 
  • Solve CBSE Sample Papers Class 6 English. CBSE has provided ample question papers. After completion of the syllabus, students can test their potential.
  • Communicate with family and friends in the English language. This will improve speaking ability.
  • One can join various English learning programs. Nowadays several programs are available for kids in both online and offline mode. This will help to improve their skills.


English is a language that needs a good amount of time right from the beginning. The parents must look towards their child’s overall development. Teachers will help but parents should not deny their duty towards their children.

Students should always keep in mind to make a proper timetable to study.  Practice a number of sample papers, learn and practice, speak openly and confidently. English is the foundation of the future. So its base should be strong right from the primary level. The primary level is the only age where things can be learned in a proficient manner. Always remember that success comes to those who practice hard.


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