How to Choose Luxury Perfume


Did you know that the practice of using perfume dates back to over 4,000 years ago

With the thousands of years that passed, perfume only got better with time. You can now find a luxury perfume that easily stands out compared to cheaper brands. Yes, they cost more expensive but you can expect them to incorporate better ingredients and a refined production process.

But how do you pick the best luxury perfume? If it’s your first time buying women’s perfume, the terms and brands can all seem confusing. Don’t fret, because we’ve got a list right here to help you out:

Understanding Perfume Notes

When buying luxury perfume for women, don’t purchase simply based on the initial fragrance. There are three fragrances to remember, called notes.

The top note is the initial smell, which lasts roughly for 10-15 minutes. When it fades, you’ll smell the middle note or heart of the perfume. This scent is stronger and lasts much longer. The final scent is the base note, which comes from the chemical reaction of the perfume sticking to a person’s skin and clothes.

Pick a Strength

Perfumes are a mix of oil, alcohol, and water. The concentration of these ingredients determines how strong perfume can be. 

The faintest perfume is the Eau Fraiche. Its scent might only last an hour is a great top-up choice. Eau De Cologne is slightly stronger, mixing oil and water, and can last a couple of hours. Eau De Toilette mixes alcohol and water instead, giving it a light fragrance that lasts anywhere from three to five hours.

If you want a much stronger oil-based perfume that can last for 8 hours or so, pick an Eau De Parfum. “Perfume” is the strongest, with a 20-30% oil mixture. This can last throughout the day.

Know Your Brand

Make it a point to know the different luxury perfume brands. Each one brings a different signature ingredient to their perfume. This is what separates them from their competitors and from cheaper alternatives. 

Some well-known perfume brands include Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna, Nautica, Vera Wang, and Bvlgari. 

Reputable Shops

Don’t shop for perfume at a discount corner in the local department store! It’s always better to visit a reputable shop. This ensures you can talk to someone who knows their way around perfumes. 

Can’t go out to shop in person? You can still find reliable luxury perfume stores online, such as Make sure to read reviews before completing an order, guaranteeing you’ll get a luxury perfume that suits your preferences and budget.

Buy the Best Luxury Perfume Today

Buying the right luxury perfume can seem like a difficult task. However, you can get the right one by following these steps. Check the different notes, strengths, brands, and only buy from a credible seller. 

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