How to compress and reduce the size of PDF files

PDF Documents

Portable Document Format (PDF) documents are an excellent method to format and read your documents. In reality, most instances, when you apply to a place or sharing a document with someone, you should be in a PDF format. The primary purpose behind the PDF is to create an image that any computer is able to open or read. It can also be printed.

However, typically the PDF files are rather big, which makes it uneasy to share them, particularly in the case of sharing many documents. If there’s no issue with sharing or moving a massive amounts documents in PDF format, there’s no harm in decreasing the size of the documents.

We will also look at ways anyone can cut down PDF file size by nearly 80percent using

How do you access the PDF document

If you’re new to the world and aren’t sure how to download a PDF,, this section is perfect for you. In essence, there are two most commonly used methods of opening PDF files.

  1. The first one is Microsoft’s own version of the browser called”the Microsoft Edge. The Microsoft Edge browser will be accessible for Windows 10 by default and the PDF files you download will be automatically opened using Microsoft Edge. Notice: Since the browser is only available only on Windows 10, you can access your PDF files using Microsoft Edge only on Windows 10.
  2. Another method to access pdf editor is to use Adobe Acrobat. It is a third-party software that you need to download manually via the Adobe official site.

This guide will teach you how you can reduce file size for PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat. It is possible to go right here for the download to see if you don’t already.

How can you decrease the size PDF files

  1. Find your PDF and Right-click the file you want to download. PDF document
  2. Choose Open using Adobe Acrobat DC. If you do not see this option, click open with and choose Adobe Acrobat DC from the menu.
  3. The file will now opened within Adobe Acrobat DC
  4. Choose Filethen select the Save As Other option and choose the reduced dimensions for the PDF…
  5. Choose Keep existing from the drop-down menu. Make it compatible with section
  6. Choose Ok

Now the file should be saved in a smaller size. It is possible to compare the sizes of the two files to check the amount of difference they caused.

PDF Reducing the number of websites

There are many websites for this too. In case you do not have Adobe Acrobat or you don’t wish to use it, you can decrease the size of the PDF file by visiting any online site.

Open your browser, and then search “reduce PDF file size online” and you’ll find numerous websites that offer the exact same aspect. All you need to do is visit one of those sites and add the PDF document you would like to reduce and compress, then download it to your computer.


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