How To Find The Best Swimsuit Colour For Your Skin Tone


When it comes to swimsuits, you want something that looks good and makes you feel great. That’s why it’s vital to choose the right colour. But how do you know which tone will work best for your skin type? In this article, you’ll take a look at what colours suit different skin tones and help you find the perfect one for yours.

The Colour Wheel

The colour wheel is one of the easiest ways to figure out which colours look best on your skin tone. The colour wheel is divided into neutral, warm, and cool colours.

Neutral colours include beige and brown. These shades are great for being versatile because they will go with anything without overpowering other colours in your outfit! Also, crinkle swimwear is a great choice too!

Warm colours include reds and oranges. Warm tones are also known as energetic tones. These types of hues tend to make people look more youthful, so they’re good for those with aged complexions who want to appear younger than their years (i.e., anyone over 30).

Cool colours include blues, purples and greens; these hues tend to make people look more serious or sophisticated, so they are perfect if you want your outfit choices to give off a more mature vibe (i.e., anyone under 30).

Cool Skin Tones

Cool is a well-known term to describe skin with a pink, blue or grey undertone. If this sounds like your skin tone, then you’re in luck! Cool colours are flattering on cool skin tones.

Neutral colours such as browns and blacks also work well with cool undertones as they will not wash out your complexion. However, if you want to opt for something bolder then warm colours like reds and yellows can look great on cool-toned people too! Just remember that it’s fine to keep an eye on how bright the colour is.

Warm Skin Tones

If you have a warm skin tone, choose swimsuits in the following shades: orange, red, yellow, peach and coral. Warm colours are good for olive or dark skin tones. 

For example, an orange-red bikini is perfect for someone with tan skin who wants to draw attention to their legs. If you want something more subtle than this colour but still want to wear a bold colour on your body, then try a coral-orange suit with subtle stripes through it, which will make sure you stand out in the crowd but not too much.

Neutral Skin Tones

Neutral skin tones are the most common, but they’re also the hardest to identify. If you have neutral skin, it means that your skin is a mix of pink and yellow. But not enough of either to be considered warm or cool. If you have reddish/brown hair and blue eyes, chances are good that you’re a neutral tone.

The tricky thing about finding clothing that looks good on neutral tones is that they aren’t easily identifiable as being warm or cool, just not as easily identifiable as warm or cool. That’s why you are recommended to buy pieces in both shades, if possible, when shopping for swimsuits.

This article might have helped you understand the basics of colour theory and how to choose the right swimsuit colour. If you still feel stuck, try checking out some of the favourite online retailers who offer an amazing range of swimwear options.


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