How to Find Your Style: 6 Simple Tips


How a person dresses is essential. If a TonyBet bonus helps you enjoy gambling more, then the right shoes or shorts help you demonstrate your personality? But how to find suitable clothes? In this case, the following tips will be helpful.  

Comfort and Emotion

Form your own style, based on what you feel comfortable in. To do this, reflect on the following questions: what people influenced you most during your life, who defined your ideals and standards? When and where did you grow up? What things going on around you at that time might have influenced your values, what comforted you, what empowered you? Which of the events evoked strong emotions? Even your favorite sport can influence your choice and as a result, you have a variety of poker clothing in your wardrobe, or for that matter any other sports apparel.


Adjusting to a personal style often begins with a quality understanding of your own body. What do you think your clothes should look like on you? This will help you choose the right shapes and silhouettes, as well as colors and patterns. How would you like things to feel? This will make it easier to find materials, textures, and cuts.

Why should you do this? By learning to understand exactly how your body reacts to different sensations and what emotions you experience, you learn to be aware of your feelings and be more mindful of yourself.

Try on

If you intend to get serious about your personal style, you have to look at and try on clothes, getting a lot of different sensations from it. Try on even something that, in your opinion, looks almost ugly.

Note and remember what colors and textures are unsympathetic to you, pay attention to the silhouette, shape, length and width. Gradually learn to notice that there are many different styles of pants and sleeve cuts, length options, and all sorts of styles in general.


The different approaches to clothing can be divided into two categories: uniforms and suits for special occasions. Uniforms are clothes that we wear almost every day, they always have more or less standard look, even if the color of the tie or shoes changes. It is most often determined by someone else’s rules and may not fit personal style at all.

But sometimes uniforms can also express individual style: Marino, who constantly wears leather clothes in the spirit of motorcycle outfit, Steve Jobs (black turtlenecks and jeans), Thomas Wolfe (tailored white suits) managed this. Curiously, many fashion designers – from Gilles Zanderdo to Karl Lagerfeld – preferred and still prefer uniforms. And here it’s important to understand: even uniforms can make a strong impression.

Ask Professionals

You can’t ignore the expertise of specially trained professionals, at least at the beginning of the journey. These are people from the fashion world who devote all their free time to creating style, and really know what they’re talking about. Most of them share their wealth of experience almost for free – from the pages of magazines and books. Consultation with a personal stylist will cost more, but it’s worth it. The main thing is to choose a good specialist, who will clearly communicate all the advantages of your appearance and pick out the image that suits you. 

Go Shopping

Is there a new collection? Be sure to visit the stores. Look closely and try on things that catch your eye. Any closet needs periodic updates, and besides, finding your perfect pieces often takes a lot of time. And even if you don’t end up buying anything, a visit to the store won’t be wasted. You’ll look, you’ll appreciate new items, you’ll soak up a dose of new information. So, you will always know, feel what the fashion world breathes.


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