How to Keep Your Skin Looking Young and Bright


Whether we wish to admit it or not, everyone is judged based at least partially upon their outer appearance. This is why we are often preoccupied with the latest fashion trends, hairstyles and diet fads. Still, the ability to display youthful skin is arguably one of the most powerful attributes to possess. The only possible issue is that we might not be able to afford expensive spa sessions and targeted treatments. Might it therefore be a good idea to focus more upon certain diets and supplements? This is a valid question which deserves an in-depth answer. What options are at your disposal?

You Are What You Drink

A sizeable portion of our bodies are comprised solely of water. So, it only makes sense that remaining adequately hydrated is one of the secrets to younger-looking skin. It is best to drink distilled or mineral water, as these types do not contain any harsh chemicals. Try to consume at least four litres every day and even more if you follow a challenging exercise routine. Above all, avoid other beverages such as soda and coffee; these can actually dry your skin out.


Were you aware that cannabinoids play an important role in youthful skin? In fact, it has been shown that regularly consuming CBD oil can have a long-term impact on your overall appearance. This is true for several reasons. The first is that CBD helps your dermis and epidermis to retain moisture. Also, quality supplements such as those supplied by Nordic Oil can help you to enjoy a sound night of rest. Obtaining the proper amount of sleep is obviously crucial if you are concerned about the health of your skin.

Vitamins and Minerals

All of us should embrace a healthy diet. This normally consists of an appreciable amount of protein, simple carbohydrates and a small portion of saturated fat. Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables is just as important, as these contain numerous vitamins and minerals. You can also increase the intake of vitamins and minerals through natural supplements, but you’ll have to be sure that you take them only from certified places, such as Supersmart. Here are some specific foods which will have a positive effect upon your skin:

  • Fish (for the presence of healthy fatty acids).
  • Nuts and legumes (important for vitamin E).
  • Citrus fruits (potent sources of vitamin C).
  • Whole grains and dairy products (excellent in terms of zinc).

A balanced diet is key if you hope to look and feel younger.

Topical Ointments

There are likewise some natural skin treatments that can be used if you suffer from specific conditions such as eczema. Creams containing vitamin E are some of the most popular. Ointments offering biotin and silica can also help to restore the elasticity of your epidermis. Still, be sure that you are choosing all-natural products in order to avoid chemical fillers.

Maintaining healthy skin is not necessarily complicated and yet, it will take time to notice a difference. This is why embracing the recommendations mentioned above is a great way to stay ahead of the game.


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