How to score 90+ marks in class 9 maths?

class 9 maths

The CBSE Class 9 exams are the most important since pupils must prepare for all-India competitions in Class X and XII, as well as other competitive tests after school. 

Math is crucial in preparing a contender for the next round of competition. As we all know, after an eight-year hiatus, CBSE altered the test curriculum and launched Board Exams. As a result, the class IX exam becomes extremely important for kids who will face stiff competition next year. 

The new revisions to the Class 9 exam structure will assist pupils in becoming accustomed to the examination structure for the Class 10 Board. As a result, students must be more aware of and sensitive to changes in the Class 9 test syllabus and pattern in order to develop effective tactics based on them. 

Tips to score 90+ marks in class 9 maths. 

The preparation and study guidelines for class 9 maths will assist a student in properly preparing for the exam and planning their study time so that they can achieve satisfactory results in Maths. Here are some tips to remember:

Here is how to strike the appropriate balance between your JEE and board exams. 

  • Make a list of relevant formulas and theorems in a notepad so you may review them the day before the exam. 
  • The secret to getting good grades on the exam is to practice. Practice several types of math questions. 
  • Within the time limit, complete the CBSE practice and sample papers in one sitting. 
  • Give higher priority to things with a lot of weight. 
  • Solve prior year’s exam papers to boost your confidence and get a feel for the exam. It is also an innovative idea to review all of your concepts before the exam. 
  • Do not merely read or memorize the concepts; put them into practice. This is the most crucial thing to remember because reading maths will not help you. Instead, establish a habit and schedule practice time. 
  • Topics like Geometry, Mensuration, and Algebra have a lot of formulae and notions that are the basis for a lot of problems. 
  • Practice and study using RS Aggarwal Class 9 Solutions for better results.

The chapter-wise tips and tricks for the class 9 maths 

The following are chapter-by-chapter hints and tricks for class 9 math: 

  • Variety System: This chapter introduces several innovative ideas, including real numbers and their types, as well as rational and irrational numbers. Even though the issue is minor, many pupils have difficulty grasping new concepts. As a result, take sure to memorize all of the definitions for all of the diverse types of numbers. 
  • Polynomials: Understanding the concept and many forms of polynomials, as well as their coefficients and degrees, is one of the easiest things to grasp. 
  • You simply need to know about the Cartesian plane, the graph, and its applications to comprehend coordinate geometry. It is sufficient to study the NCERT book.  
  • Linear Equations in Two Variables: It contains the solution and graphs of two-variable linear equations. It is vital to practice graphing and solving equations. 
  • Euclid’s Geometry: An Overview This is a theoretical chapter in mathematics that contains definitions, axioms, and postulates. You can only study the basics of these and their applications. 
  • Learn to solve many types of questions based on angles and various theorems using lines and angles. 
  • Triangles: You must learn about the numerous properties and varieties of triangles in this chapter. This chapter will be strengthened if you use them in the practice tests. 
  • Quadrilaterals: The types of quadrilaterals and their properties might help you prepare for this chapter. 
  • Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles: Learn the formulae and theorems for various sorts of triangles and parallelograms, as well as their applications, in this chapter. 
  • In this chapter, the many theorems and properties of circles are significant. They can only be learned via experience. 
  • Constructions: This is a hands-on topic that may be learned by drawing and constructing various angles and triangles. 
  • Heron’s Formula: The formula and how to use it in computing the area of triangles and quadrilaterals should be learned. 
  • Surface Areas and Volumes: Using cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders, and cones to compute their areas and volumes. 
  • Statistics is the simplest math topic in which you must learn how to collect data and show it in various graphs, histograms, and how to get the mean, median, and mode. 
  • Probability: The annual test contains 4-5 questions from this chapter. 

The chapter-by-chapter tips and tricks will assist you in preparing in a systematic manner. This is the most efficient technique to divide your entire syllabus and then prepare topic by topic. This will be extremely helpful in preparing the topics quickly. 


Mathematics is one of the most exciting disciplines to study, and pupils can get full marks in it. Practice is the key to getting a perfect score in Mathematics. Students can improve the accuracy of their mathematical computations with practice. Students will also be more confident in their examination if they have carefully practiced sums from all of the courses in their syllabus. Furthermore, a robust performance in Math will boost their overall percentage. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education, or CBSE, is one of India’s most capable educational bodies. The concepts taught in the CBSE Class 9 Maths syllabus have a wide range of applications in our daily lives. 

In the CBSE Class 9 syllabus, there are various innovative ideas introduced. As a result, you must practice to gain a mental comprehension of all of the topics. You can easily get good scores in the Class 9 Maths exam if you follow some basic practices right from the start of the session. So, here are a few expert ideas to build your confidence and help you succeed in NCERT Solutions Class 9 Maths. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are the main points to remember during class 9 examination ?  

A. Every student’s most stressful days are exam days. Students can become anxious before an exam. During exam time, try to maintain your composure. Here are some pointers that you can use to help you perform well throughout your exams.

 2. Why is it important to complete the syllabus before the exam ?  

B. Try to finish the entire curriculum ahead of time. As a result, you will have extra time to revise. Math is a subject that can appear to be simpler after a lot of practice. Leaving any topic for last-minute revision is not going to benefit you at all. 

3. Why should you practice previous year question papers for class 9 maths ? 

C. Teachers frequently suggest pupils to solve question papers from prior years. Solving these question papers will provide you an understanding of the question paper difficulty levels, which topics are significant, the kind of questions asked in the test, and the grading scheme. 

4. Is it possible for me to achieve a perfect score in math ? 

D. It is not simple to get a perfect 100, but it is possible. This appealing score cannot be achieved by studying overnight or the day before the exam. To get a flawless 100 or even higher than 90, there must be a full-proof strategy and plan that can only be developed over the course of the year. 

5. What methods do Toppers use to study ? 

E. Maintain a restricted yet nutritious diet and keep negative thoughts at bay. Avoid missing sleep and disrupting your sleep cycle. Increase your concentration by practising meditation and breathing exercises. Among the toppers’ habits, this is the most crucial. 


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