How to take care of your hair naturally?

tamara bellis OMGeAs 4goY unsplash
tamara bellis OMGeAs 4goY unsplash

Bad hair day is as real as it can be. Isn’t that just so annoying?

Caring for natural hair isn’t easy. If you curly hair, the pain of maintaining them is way too much. We all wish to have the bouncy curls they show on TV commercials but that is just so tough to achieve.  Well, if you can take proper care of your hair, the hair you wish for will definitely become a reality. 

People who have curls often have asymmetrical and oval follicles. Your genetics will also have an important role in determining how to take care of your hair. 

How to take care of natural hair? 

If you have natural hair, you will need to choose curly hair products carefully. Moreover, the right products will also help to determine the moisture of the hair. Furthermore, it is also necessary to avoid using any hair product that can ruin the quality. 

Choose the best shampoo and conditioner

There are certain shampoo and conditioners that are designed specifically for curly hair. Whenever choosing shampoo and conditioner, you should look for what elements or nutrients it contains. 

However, if you have curly hair, you should not wash your hair regularly. Furthermore, if you’re using your hair regularly, you should also consider using mild shampoo. The mild shampoos usually contain gentle cleansers. 

It is also necessary to check the conditioning agents. If you have dry hair, regular shampoo and conditioning can be helpful. However, it would help if you considered using a clarifying shampoo once every one or two weeks. Moreover, it would help if you always used a conditioner after shampooing to lock moisture within your hair. 

Pre-shampoo treatment

If you have curly hair, pre-shampoo treatment is essential. There is no necessity to condition after cleansing. There are before and after shampoos that you can use regularly. 

Curly hair does not have enough moisture. Moreover, even after being moisturized, they tend to lose moisture pretty soon. With the help of a conditioner, you will be able to lock moisture in your hair. Moreover, it will also protect against the risk of hair strips falling off. Shampoo and conditioning your hair can offer the same benefits as natural oils. 

Do not over shampoo

While shampooing is good for your hair, using too much of it can be very damaging. Over-shampooing can lead to the hair being devoid of natural oil. However, if you want to know what’s the frequency, you should do a little experiment. 

As per the general rule, people with curly hair should shampoo once or twice per week. Doing something more than that can have a huge negative effect. 

Avoid split ends

Avoiding split ends is quite difficult for curly hair. Most of the time, you cannot see them, which is why you face trouble. There is no better way to get rid of split ends than cutting them off. 

It is advisable to be careful with the curly locks so that you can avoid the split ends. It is necessary to detangle your hair regularly. Furthermore, it is also advisable to stay away from hair heat tools and use a wide-tooth comb. 

Final Thoughts

While you can use the best shampoo and conditioner, there are several natural ways through which you can improve your hair quality. It is advisable to bring minor changes in your lifestyle for healthy hair. Furthermore, it is also advisable to check the consumption of foods.


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