How to use food processor machine


Not everyone knows how food processors or even those mini food processors on how they are being used and it can be confusing for first time users. This article will help you on the step-by-step guide to using your food processor or mini food processors

Step 1 – Assemble the food processor:

Undo your box, and take out one of the most convenient scientific inventions. Every brand of a food processor is different; however, most of them are assembled in the same fashion. Place the plastic bowl over the electric bass. Slightly shake the bowl to be sure that everything is tightened into the right place. Keep it unplugged while setting the bowl or changing the blade.

Step 2 – Bring your recipe ingredients:

Some recipes require you to blend ingredients one after one, but if there is a recipe that requires you to add ingredients all at once, ensure first that you have a big bowl that chops your food well. Moreover, if you add a liquid into the food processor, try not to go beyond the ‘fill’ line mentioned on the side of the bowl. Whether you are a European or an Asian, onions and garlic are two of the essential ingredients to your food. Onion and garlic increase the odor of your food, making it appetizing for the eaters. Chop garlic to add into soups or onion to add into mince while making your favorite burgers without shedding a single tear.

Do not add hot ingredients in the plastic bowl as there are many scientific and health issues related. Keep the ingredients at room temperature before adding them to be blended or chopped perfectly without affecting the quality of your machine.

Step 3 – Process your ingredients:

After adding the ingredients of your recipe into the processor, secure it with the lid. Most food processors do not work until they are firmly placed. Typically, food processors have two buttons, run’ and ‘pulse.’

The ‘run’ button runs continuously and is used to make fine pastes like mayo or chunk-free sauces. The ‘pulse’ button, however, helps to chop the food. It chops the food into fine pieces with one-second intervals in between until the food is chopped the way you like. If your food processor has more than two buttons, consult your manufacturer instruction.

Step 4 –  Adding extra ingredients:

Some recipes like mayonnaise or others require you to add ingredients slowly in the blending process. If you have a MultiPro Compact Food Processor, you will add up stuff easily since it has a tube on the lid. But if your food processor does not have a tube, turn off the processor, let it rest for a second, and add your ingredients.

Step 5 – Clean your machine:

After completing your recipe, pour it into the serving dish, and place it aside. Take your machine into the sink with bubble water and clean it. Make sure your hands do not touch the blade roughly, or you will bleed. Never submerge the electric part of your food processor into the water, but clean it with a damp cloth to wipe off smears of liquid. Washing the machine gives longevity to it.

Let the parts dry before you reassemble them into the cabinet again.

Attachment blades:

The S-shaped blade is the standard blade that is used to chop fruits, veggies, and sauces. It also helps in blending the dry objects into fine powders. Some recipes do not specify any blade, and if you got your hands on one, use an S-shaped edge.

The slicing disk helps to slice fruits into thin circular figures. Slice your veggies like potatoes, zucchini, carrots, and sweet potatoes into slices of your desired shapes.

So this is exactly how to use a food processor machine.


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