How to Write an Argument Paper Fast


Students who have assignments on argumentative paper writing are always confused with the amount of information they need to process. Usually, the responsibility is delayed till the last minute, and when the final night comes before the deadline, they get out of their rut to find a way that simplifies their suffering. In our turn, we prepared seven lucky tips for writing your argument paper with no effort. 

1. Read argument paper samples

If you are new to this kind of writing, it is better to look at other students’ works. There are many online services with blogs where you can find samples on argumentative paper writing. Some of them have a step-by-step guide on formatting, and others show how to work with a specific topic. To understand better how these online tools work, you can visit the EssayShark review page and read testimonials from those who’ve already tried it.

2. Turn off distractions

Some students could say that the main distractions for writing are their roommates, but we know this is not the whole truth. Mostly, we are our main enemies when it comes to writing. We recommend turning off notifications from messengers and social media to reduce distractions. Otherwise, you can use such applications as Stay Focused, Focus, or HelpMeFocus that block unnecessary apps so you won’t get distracted from your argument paper project. 

3. Collect information

An argumentative paper is all about arguments, so you need to collect and develop them before starting to prove or refute your topic. Define your research method, and it will be easier for you to define what facts and evidence you can include in your argument paper. Use anything that is suitable for research: fiction and non-fiction books, news portals, blog articles, archive with documents, videos, interviews, or surveys. 

4. Take instant notes

To make your argument paper explicit, you need to not just compile data from research but also write down anything important for your assignment. Find a notebook to take notes on your argument essay. This step is as essential as the brainstorming process. Writing by hand can be helpful as much as any digital noting app like Evernote, Google Keep, or Easy Notes. It helps you not forget what you will tell your reader and not miss any critical idea.

5. Organize writing time

Split writing into several parts and dedicate a limited amount of time to each. For example, if you plan to finish your argument paper in four hours, start the first half an hour for research, the next 30 minutes for outlining complete information, then move on to the writing process, leaving at least an hour for editing. To make this work for you, add such planners as Microsoft Planner, TickTick, and School Planner to wisely manage your writing interval and increase your productivity.

6. Structure the paper by parts

Every argument paper has a structure containing an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. First, work on the introduction section by adding a hook and thesis statement, which define the general paper’s content. Then include details from your research to enrich each body paragraph with robust evidence. In the conclusion, summarize all points you’ve proved.

7. Edit independently

Some students like to get peer responses, and others want to save time with online revision. Use Grammarly or Hemingway tools to detect punctuation, grammar, and spelling flaws and turn them into polished sentences. While editing, track your formatting style by adding in-text citations and a works cited or references list using such tools as Citation Machine, BibMe, or Scribbr. Implementing quotes with these features will help you to save time writing your argument paper. 

Final Thoughts 

Here’s one more important tip on how to write an argument paper quickly: avoid leaving your assignments until the last minute. The reason is because there are too many details you must pay attention to while writing in a short period of time. We hope our seven recommendations bring luck to your writing process so you can stay confident you’ll be on time! 


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