in retail in general and fashion in particular, having _____ is considered the kiss of death.


It’s true. People don’t really think about the things they wear. They’re just reacting to it. That’s the reason why we’re told to always wear a belt. But what about the belt you’re wearing? It doesn’t have to be that heavy.

The issue here is fashion and the way we dress. Many people get all excited when they see a fashion magazine or a fashion show and they think this is a fashion trend that they must be a part of. Like in the last year or so many people started wearing their wedding rings on their index fingers. While this is a very nice gesture, as a matter of fact it is just like having a wedding ring on your index finger.

Of course, this is just another way to sell you products with the hopes that you will buy into the trend. This is the primary reason why we all buy something on the Internet, to look like we belong.

I mean what I’m really talking about is the way that clothes that we buy are presented to us. Many people use their own clothes as the platform for their style, and it’s not a bad idea to do so. It’s just a question of whether or not it makes us feel comfortable. Personally, I can’t stand it when someone is trying to look like they belong, but because I hate to look like I belong, I usually hide it.

Just because someone is wearing a dress does not mean that someone else is not wearing it. It means that the dress needs to be washed and put away.

Fashion is a whole other topic though. For many of us this is a big part of who we are. Because its such a big part of who we are, it’s understandable that many people think that it is a big part of who we are. But I think that if you look at it from a fashion perspective it isn’t necessarily the same thing. Consider some classic articles of clothing.

This piece was originally published in the January/February issue of Consumer Reports magazine. If you want to be totally honest with yourself about what constitutes “fashion,” I would say that clothes are not merely clothing. They are a lifestyle choice of some kind.

This is the same article, but it is much less honest about the role fashion plays in our lives. It looks like I am overstating myself here, but these types of articles are designed to make us feel good. They give us a sense of approval, so the more we buy clothes that are good for us, the more we feel good about ourselves. But in reality, if you buy that same dress three times in a row, you probably wont feel good about yourself.

Of course, that’s just one example. But I feel like fashion can be used to mask more than one problem. We all have problems, and we all have thoughts (thoughts about what we wear, what we look like, and what we think). In general the more things we have, the more we tend to think that we need them.

I know it goes against the grain of the saying that everyone needs a pair of boots and a dress to walk in, but I believe that the reason our brains are designed to need stuff is because our society has been designed to make us think that we need stuff.


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