Indica, Sativa Cannabis Strain: Important Things You Need to Know

Sativa Cannabis Strain

For years, cannabis legalisation for both recreational and medical has been an issue, not just in the US but also in all parts of the world. Experts and authorities have been working together in determining whether or not they will open the product for mass consumption backed up with science and law. After so many debates, some US states have now freely embraced the product to realise how beneficial it could be. Some US territories include Alaska, California, Arizona, Colorado, Guam, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, South Dakota, and Nevada. 

Two cannabis strain that is used for both recreation and medical purpose

Nowadays, there are three types of cannabis that come in thousands of strains. Some strains include Cinex, SAGE, Pink Kush, Sour OG, Sour Tsunami, Cannatonic, Cherry Pie, Gelato, Lamb’s Bread, Green Crack, and Grapefruit. There might be many strains for cannabis, but only some are used mainly for medical and recreational purposes. Those that are often used for these purposes come from these two different species of cannabis. These are the Indica and Sativa. 

These two may be both from the same family and species, but they pose different user effects. Some sativa strains are known for providing an energising effect, which some people call “head high”. Perfect to use during the daytime, the effects are stimulating and can help people suffering from stress and anxiety. It is also very helpful in keeping their users do things with increased focus, productivity, and creativity. 

On the other hand, Indicas are mostly used by people who want to experience full-body effects, which most people call “body high”. Using this kind of strain gives them a sense of relaxation, decreasing their risks of having insomnia and giving them an excellent and peaceful sleep. Due to these effects, Indicas are best to be consumed during nighttime. 

Medical uses for Indica Marijuana Strains

Aside from encouraging the body to feel more relaxed, promoting good and better sleep, and relieving anxiety and stress, medical Indica can also help reduce seizures. In 2018 when a pharmaceutical drug named Epidiolex, with Indica Marijuana strain on it, received FDA approval, making it the first cannabis medication approved by the administration. Since then, this drug has been used to treat even the rarest forms of epilepsy. This was all made possible because of its high cannabidiol (CBD) compared to other types of cannabis. 

Moreover, Indica can also be used to decrease pain and inflammation. According to the Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a globally recognised organisation, one of the effects that Indica cannabis is known for is how it could help ease inflammation and reduce pain. Authorities say this effect is more likely due to the high rate of CBD in it too. 

Medical uses for Sativa Marijuana Strains

Another medical use that experts are using sativa strains for, aside from calming those suffering from stress and anxiety and helping people who want to increase their creativity, productivity, and focus, helps people improve their social skills. Though it is not considered a cure, Sativa effectively loses people’s tensed body and mental state, especially in social situations. The effects could dramatically improve their self-confidence, making them good at conversing with other people and encouraging them to have a good time.


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