italian women fashion


It’s not often that you read about Italian women fashion, but it’s a really interesting concept. We’ve all heard the term “italian fashion,” which is loosely translated to “Italian Women Fashion.” What is it? Well, the Italian women fashion means that you can wear anything “anywhere” and will fit just about any type of outfit. But what if buying clothes was like eating food in Italy? Well, now you can purchase anything in the Italian fashion store and fit it just about anywhere.

Now, if you can believe it, the Italian women fashion world has finally emerged in the ladies section on Women’s Fashion. Italian designers are so much more than their typical hand-painted leather jackets, silky blouses that flutter above the shoulders and curious necklaces that hang from their ears. The ‘alternative’ trend is driven by all the amazing women out there who are constantly changing their style and dressing up with modern trends. Women have always been obsessed with fashion and it’s only when we started noticing it in other countries (especially Europe) that we began to notice what was going on around us.

It was my first time being featured in a fashion magazine. When I searched for a sportswear related blog, I didn’t know what to expect, but did some research and found this one. It’s been awhile seeing so many casual and trendy things that are on the market. Now, I’m getting some new ideas. I’m looking to share how easy it is to get started with the basics of fashion and what style trends the next couple years will bring to the industry.


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