Kaitesi Munroe Joins Esports Entertainment Group as part of its Board of Directors

Joins Esports

Esports Entertainment Group is one of the biggest brands in the esports industry, and it is a combination of an esports and online gambling company. The brand is fueled by the growing popularity of the video-gaming industry. With these exciting times in the industry, we see companies like EEG make waves and provide exciting strides. 

With the growing rate of the esports industry, it is not surprising that we have exciting brands come up, and the integration of gambling makes things even better. Like you would place bets on NFL picks, you can give esports tournaments a try. As a result, it reaches the audience in the online gambling world. 

With Esports Entertainment Group being one of the top companies that combine both industries, it is not surprising that we have it as a big brand. For many years, the company has continued to express its interest in being at the forefront of the esports gospel, and because of that, it works hard to expand its reach to every part of the world. 

With its goal of being a dominant force in the esports and gambling world, the Malta-based company set its sight on the US market. As a result, it entered and set up shop in New Jersey, one of the different states to work a gambling law. The company got licensed under the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). 

The company can offer legal sports betting like BetUS to players in the other states with the license. However, because of their new setup in the US, EEG has to include a US citizen as an independent director under the law. As a result, the most qualified was Kaitesi Munroe, making her the 8th member of the company’s board.

She will be bringing experience from her administrative roles in the public and private sectors, which is a perfect fit for the company’s goal. 

About Kaitesi Munroe

There isn’t a lot about Kaitesi Munroe and her personal life. However, her profile online shows that she’s an incredible force in the public and private sectors. As a result, Munroe is an exciting figure that would make a good addition to a team looking to break into the US market and get a hold of both sides. 

According to Grant Johnson, the Chairman, and CEO of EEG, she has extensive experience and knowledge of government affairs and legislative matters. Because of that, she will be important to the team’s dream of expanding its iGaming footprint as they establish themselves as the top provider of solutions to the industry. 

Kaitesi Munroe’s Career

Before her appointment to Esports Entertainment Group, she served at Cozen O’Connor as a principal, taking on the role of public strategies. In the past, she also worked at MSG (Madison Square Garden) between 2019 and 2021. Her experience has taken her to become a top option for different companies. 

In addition to her roles at different private companies, she was a legislative analyst in the NY State Assembly. During her time at the state assembly, she helped implement Daily Fantasy Sports in the state. As a result, she is known to have affinities to the gaming and sporting world, making her new role with EEG a perfect one. 

Future Projections

With Munroe joining the company, even though most of her work will be in the background, we expect her to be a driving force for the US’s acceptance of the gaming industry. It might take some time, but we believe it is possible. Therefore, we look forward to this new partnership for the brand. 

Esports will continue growing, and the company will be a stronghold in the drive. However, we hope to see the first results of this partnership. Undoubtedly, the US is one of the biggest markets in the world. Therefore, we expect a continuous push from the brand, and 2022 has much potential. 

Our Thoughts

Aside from Munroe, the company also added two new individuals to the team members into their executive positions to increase their potential in the market. Stuart Tilly will join the team as the Chief Operations Officer, and Damian Mathews will handle the CFO role. 

We can see the seriousness of the team. We expect to see what these partnerships mean to EEG’s move to the US and the entire esports and online gambling industry as top sports betting brands like Bet US keep offering players interesting features. 


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