Kratom – A powerful plant-based supplement that alleviates pain and anxiety


Mental health is oftentimes overlooked when dealing with drug use. It’s only natural that the physical effects of drugs are discussed more often because they’re more obvious, but addiction to anything will ultimately affect both your mental and emotional state.

Luckily there are ways to help alleviate these feelings without resorting back to drugs, or potentially dangerous therapeutic drugs in many cases. One way is through the use of Kratom for sale. A powerful plant-based supplement, it alleviates pain and anxiety, while also providing all sorts of other benefits in its leaves when consumed properly.

Kratom is a powerful supplement that alleviates pain and anxiety.

Through my own personal experience with Kratom – my own personal challenges with addiction and mental health – I’ve learned the importance of learning the correct dosage and how to best take it. Luckily, thanks to online communities like Reddit’s r/kratom, I’ve been able to learn all of this and more.

I began using Kratom when I was in my late teens early twenties; it was my first time in a rehab facility after my addiction to heroin had gotten out of control. I wasn’t addicted to heroin for very long before I decided to get help, so I was still in the early stages of withdrawal. Kratom was the only thing that helped alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, but without knowing how to take it at first, I struggled with it.

Most people who are just starting out with Kratom will go ahead and buy the powder form of it and then mix it into some sort of liquid. Although you can get powdered Kratom just about anywhere these days thanks to increased interest in its use, I always found the taste (and smell) very off-putting.

I found this out the hard way one time after I bought some Kratom powder for $15, took it home, and mixed it into some orange juice. The taste was so bad that I ended up pouring it down the drain. After that, I bought Kratom capsules instead, which are made up of powdered Kratom that’s been packed into a pill-like form you can just swallow.

Kratom is legal in Canada, but its use is not recommended for people who are taking prescription medications without consulting with their doctor first.

After this little mistake, getting the correct dosage was difficult. I didn’t have any idea how much of it to take, so I just guessed and freaked out on it at first because the effects were so powerful. It wasn’t until later that I found out that taking too much can actually give you the opposite effect of what you’re looking for.

Kratom has two opposing effects: stimulant-like vs. sedative-like, with some in-between. This means that if you take too much, you’ll get nothing or perhaps more likely, a sedative or depressant-like effect similar to opiates for example.

It wasn’t until later that I found out that taking too much can actually give you the opposite effect of what you’re looking for.

Because I was in the early stages of withdrawal, I was looking for a stimulant-like effect because it would help keep me awake so I could get through the day without nodding off. But by taking too much after just guessing at my proper dosage, I got nothing but uncomfortable feelings in my chest and stomach. Too much Kratom gave me the opposite feeling of what I was looking for at that time, which really took me back.


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