Kratom Causes Weight Gain: Is It True?

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Kratom’s popularity is increasing every day as more people are looking for natural solutions. Those who have been using Kratom are raising questions about whether Red Vietnam Kratom causes weight gain or not. Weight gain caused by Kratom is not a side effect. Kratom experts believe that users who are experiencing kratom weight gain are not using the product correctly. Some consumers take the kratom dose on an empty stomach, leading them to overeat. Others are consuming it by mixing it with their preferred variety of sugary food.  These scenarios are pretty common and can significantly contribute to Kratom weight gain.

What Are The Main Reasons For Weight Gain?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to obesity or being overweight. Some of the common reasons for weight gain include:

·         A lack of physical activity

·         Certain medical conditions and illnesses

·         Certain medications have side effects.

·         Poor dietary practices

Metabolism also plays a significant role, and it varies from one person to the other. So, the same number of calories can lead to weight gain in some individuals and weight loss in others. Metabolism slows down as we get older, making it more difficult to lose weight.

Does Kratom Cause Weight Gain?<

As already mentioned, Kratom contains more than 40 different alkaloids. Some of these alkaloids make your brain respond to the pleasurable effects of alcohol and junk food, thus increasing cravings for these weight-increasing foods and beverages, resulting in weight gain. Constipation and bloating are two of kratom’s widespread side effects, and users experiencing both of these symptoms have a higher chance of gaining weight.

If you have unhealthy habits like mixing Kratom powder with sweet foods to mask its taste, it can increase the person’s calorie intake, further leading to weight gain.

How To Prevent Kratom Weight Gain?

Follow some guidelines to buy kratom online and use it without fear of weight gain.

If you experience constipation after taking kratom, make sure you consume more fiber, drink more water, or increase your coffee intake. You can also consume herbal laxatives and probiotic foods like pickles or tempeh or engage in physical activity. Simple exercises like running, swing dancing, jogging, and swimming can help you with constipation relief.

If you are experiencing nausea and vomiting, drink pepper tea and chamomile tea, or take apple cider vinegar or baking soda. If your stomach isn’t digesting food properly, you can use natural digestive aids like fennel, ginger, lemon, and licorice root.

Never exceed your prescribed kratom dosage as it can lead to different problems like weight gain and others. No matter how strong you wish to take more kratom, stick to the recommended dosage.

You can improve or harm your digestive system by consuming certain foods. For example, nuts, seeds, and legumes are difficult to digest and could result in digestive issues in some people after eating them. If you don’t want to see your weight increase, you must avoid these foods. Eat more fruits, grains, and sweet potatoes instead as a substitute.


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