Kucoin The Best Exchange For Earning Interest


KuCoin is declared one of the most active cryptocurrency exchange globally. KuCoin launched in 2017, and within a very short time, it is famous worldwide. The main role of its success is various promotions and offers they offer daily. These offers give huge success to their platform within a very short time. KuCoin also promotes some offers for big investors, so they will take maximum advantage of using the KuCoin exchange. In this article, we talk about why KuCoin is the best exchange for earning interest. 

Earn Interest By Lending Cryptocurrency

One of the most popular ways to earn interest is by lending different cryptocurrencies in KuCoin. Here we discuss some information related to lending money on KuCoin.

Perfect Option For Investors

Lending money is less risky than trading options like Margin and Future trading. You can make good money by holding coins and gaining profit in the long term. If you are new to KuCoin, then you also have an option to lend money. The beginner’s friendly platform of KuCoin makes it easier for new or advanced traders to participate in different promotions and offers.

USDT Is Considered As Best Coin For Lending

KuCoin crypto lending mostly depends on the market situation. During a peak time of the market, you have an option to lend USDT to get more profit. While during the downtrend, pick a BTC and ETH to gain profit. So in a bearish trend, pairs of BTC like ADA/BTC, ETH/BTC, and others are more suitable. It is better to lend a USDT in Margin trading during a bullish time for more profit.

Choose Traditional Lending To Gain More Profit

Before lending money, you must understand the fund’s utilization and interest rates. In KuCoin, you can select a preferred lending option, which is traditional. You can set a daily interest rate and earn good money in this type. However, you must be careful that your set rate does not exceed the market rate. Otherwise, it is difficult for you to lend your assets. Always select an optimal rate offered by KuCoin in your best interest.

Select Auto Lend Option To Make More Money

Suppose you don’t have much time to keep your eye on the market, enable an Auto Lend feature in your KuCoin account. Before enabling the Auto Lend option, you must set the reserve amount and minimal daily rates. Kindly read all the terms before accepting that and look at your inputs. 


KuCoin always tries to offer the best promotions to compete in the crypto market. In return, people like us got more advantages in this competition war. The new users enjoy joining benefits, and the old traders enjoy referral benefits. You can also find  KCS price and live market data on KuCoin. KuCoin also offers several options to earn money, including the Lending option. You have an opportunity to Lend your crypto coins in peer-to-peer margin trading and enjoy benefits daily. Now, KuCoin supports 50 coins in Margin trading for lending. Several advanced features also help you lend your coins and earn more profit.


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