Make a fashion statement with the hooded sweatshirts


Lovers of comfort can rejoice by including the humble hoodie in your wardrobe. It is not only practical but also fashion-forward. Hoodies are loose-fitting garments that every gent chooses to own. Generally, they are made of cotton and help protect from the rain and snow. Many of them come with pockets or a huge pocket in the front to allow the wearer to put their hands on them or carry things. But make sure you opt for the hooded sweatshirts that make you look comfortable. Although there is a fantastic selection with printed logos, a simple and plain one can provide a classy feel. You can wear a hoodie when you go out with friends daily. You can make a style statement by wearing hooded sweatshirts in your house or at a casual weekend. But how about pairing them with other garments? So, before you head outdoors, you will require a guide to appear stylish. In this article, read on and learn about the different styles to match and pair with the hooded sweatshirts. 

How to wear hooded sweatshirts with blazers?

Every gent must have a selection of some blazers in their wardrobe. This formal wear is similar to a jacket and is suitable for formal occasions. But have you considered wearing them with a hoodie? Although hooded sweatshirts are a versatile garment, you must not have thought about pairing them with the blazers. Hooded sweatshirts and the blazer combined exude a smart casual look. You must make sure that the hooded sweatshirt is thinner and adds a sightly bulk to your overall finished appearance. Furthermore, you can look fabulous on casual Fridays or any other weekdays at your workplace by adding contrast. 

How to wear hooded sweatshirts with bomber jackets?

A bomber jacket is waist-length outwear with a ribbed and gathered waistband and matching cuffs. They are widely popular and made from leather, nylon, polyester and cotton. To achieve the contemporary urban style, you can pair the hooded sweatshirts with a bomber jacket. If you want to nail your appearance, you can opt for zip-up Hoodies with colours of navy, grey and black. You can combine them with your bomber jacket made of wool, leather or nylon. You can also create a casual urban and an athleisure look by attaining some fashionable sneakers and dark blue or black jeans. 

How to wear hooded sweatshirts with denim jackets? 

Denim jackets are also known as trucker jackets or jean jackets. As the name suggests, they are created from denim. This casual apparel is widespread and an iconic element of fashion. Although pairing the hooded sweatshirts with denim jackets might not be what you’d imagine, they look fantastic and make a style statement. It’s about creating layers with the hooded sweatshirts and playing back up to the outer jacket. The secret of styling with denim jackets is adding contrast. Instead of going mono-colour, you can attain jackets and hooded sweatshirts with contrasting tones. But what if you are going with a single colour like black? Ensure to add a variety of fabric textures while styling. 

How to wear hooded sweatshirts with leather jackets?

Leather jackets are all the rage and the most attractive piece of garment. You can easily keep yourself warm during winters by pairing leather jackets with hoodies. You should layer the hooded sweatshirts under the jackets for a sleek and stylish look. A black jacket and hoodie provide an edgy and tough appearance. With the addition of blue slim-cut jeans, you can ensure a more urban look. To sum up: Hooded sweatshirts can be your go-to fashion statement at any time of the day. After all, they can add to your smart-casual, semi-formal and formal look. But make sure you learn how to layer them well and mix low and high pieces of garments.


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