Making A DIY Facial Steam Using Essential Oils

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Self-care is important, and everyone should practice it, especially those stressed with work, family, and others. After a stressful day or work, relaxing for a few minutes can help you calm down and feel a lot better. And while many go to the spa for this relaxation time, many do not have the time to do so. However, regardless of whether you have the time or not, it is not necessary to go to the spa for relaxation all the time. You can also create a time for relaxation even in the comfort of your home. There are many ways that you can do this, but one of the best and easiest ways is by creating DIY facial steam using Young Living Essential Oils, which will not only make you feel more relaxed but also remove skin impurities. Steaming comes with many health benefits, let’s look at some of these benefits:

  • Facial steam can clean out skin impurities and dirt by opening up the pores. This also makes it easier to remove blackheads.
  • It increases blood circulation, which promotes the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Having facial steam is also known to release sebum from your skin, so it minimizes the possibility of acne breakout.
  • It aids in promoting natural oil production.
  • A facial steam is also a great way to alleviate headaches and sinus congestion.

Making Facial Steam Using Essential Oil

Facial steam alone offers many benefits, so when you include essential oils, you will see an increase in the benefits. You will not only experience health benefits but also therapeutic benefits. Since there are many essential oils out there, you can choose one that suits your needs, whether it is to clear congestion, to unclog pores, or others. You have a variety of essential oils to choose from for a variety of needs. You can also mix different essential oils depending on the outcome you are looking for. Now, let’s take a look at the steps to follow to attain DIY steam using essential oil.

You will need a bowl, hot water, essential oil, and a towel to achieve this facial. You need to make sure that the bowl can withstand heat, make sure that the bowl is placed on a table that’s comfortable, grab the essential oil of your preference, and add a few drops. And do not forget to get your towel, as you will need it during the process.

Now that you are all set and ready, use the towel to drape it over your head, then place your face some inches apart from the bowl (preferably not too close), and make sure that your entire head and the bowl are covered. Once you’re done, you can then begin inhaling and exhaling the steam.

Try to relax as you do this, continue this process for about ten to fifteen minutes. Take deep breaths and enjoy the process.

Once you are done with the process, you will need to rinse off your face with lukewarm cold water depending on your preferences. This will close up the pores that have opened up during the process. And do not forget to use a toner and moisturizer to finish off the process.

While there are many ways through which you can enjoy the benefits offered by essential oils, facial steam is definitely one that you should try out, since it offers many benefits. Many of us have a busy schedule with work and family, so it is important to set aside some time for self-care for the boost you need to get through the day or week. So, get your oils from Young Living Essential Oils today, and include them in you’d self-care routine.


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