Men’s Trunks: 5 things to know before you buy them.

Mens Trunks

Today in the underwear guide, we are covering trunks! A relatively new player in the field of Men’s underwear cuts first appearing in the late ’90s and hitting their stride at the turn of the Millennium. The trunk’s first appearance was the 1999 “Cotton stretch” collection from that men’s underwear collection of Calvin Klein. Many of the company’s groups after that included the cut. Now a lot of people refer to a trunk as a boxer brief. That’s not correct. There are rules, don’t be savages. Other acceptable names for boxes are square-cut briefs or simply square-cut or simply, depending on how you look at it, a shorter boxer brief or more extended brief. It’s that simple! The trunks offer a fashionable option with a considered perfect amount of casual wear coverage ending just above the thigh.  

Trunks look similar to boxer briefs as they both are fitted, but that’s all it is similar between them. 

Well, here are five things you need to know about Men’s trunks

Looks good on men with muscular thighs- When compared to boxer-briefs, trunks look good on men with muscular thighs. Whereas boxer-briefs kind of unflattering them with more coverage. They are a fancier and sexier version of briefs. Perfect for lean men with slimmer thighs. They are also shorter in length. 

 It can be called a Hybrid of boxer briefs- Even though boxer-briefs are the best of both worlds, trunk kind of is a hybrid or a similar version of boxer briefs. They have lesser coverage for thighs. They are the best choice if you’d want to look taller and accentuate your legs.

They are comfortable- While you might have a larger collection of underwear, trunks are one thing that is a must-have in every man’s underwear collection. They offer more flexibility for max comfort in different weather conditions. They are neither itchy nor scratchy or uncomfortable. They just give you a perfect amount of fitting with good coverage, support, and amazing comfort. If you are a person who sits around at one place all day and doesn’t need to move around a lot, they will provide you with the best comfort and support you need throughout the day.

Great options for dates: Yes, we know you know what we are talking about. They are great for when that date goes well, and things are going right, and you both know where it is leading. Trunks kind of enhance your thighs making your thighs look sexy, perfect for someone who wants to show the right amount of skin. Go on, it’s a yes yes! to rock that sex appeal and after date night of yours. 

Great for exercise- Another reason these babies are amazing is that they are great for exercise. They are perfect for various physical acts. They give great support for jogging and other activities. They have enough space for you to wear cups while doing rigorous activities like martial arts or any other physical training type. I mean, you’d want to protect your baby maker. After all, there is nothing like a gym blunder! 

Of course, depending on your individual choice, if you want to feel dry and comfortable throughout the day down there, always make sure to choose more breathable and natural fabrics like cotton, which can absorb all the moisture that builds up due to the whole day’s activities. Also, always make sure to choose the right size, fabric, and quality. These little things are all that make a huge difference in our daily hygiene. Go ahead, try those trunks and click sexy selfies, impress those dates, or don’t it’s your choice but slay those sexy pairs of trunks! Happy Trunky shopping!  


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