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Today, we have the most exciting event of our lives. As a fashion blogger and influencer, we have been fans of the new fad shoe we are so excited to call ‘Fake Leather’ by mirage fashion. We’ve been wearing fake leather shoes almost since the first pair was released in 2012 and now it’s 2018 and we’re still wearing fake leather shoes. We’re dying over the fact that these shoes are actually real leather and not plastic. Two years ago, one could buy a pair of Fake Leather Sneakers from Amazon for $12.99 which were pretty much worthless.

In this post, I go into detail about the Mirage fashion frame. It is a wearable briefcase which is designed to replace the normal office chair and take advantage of the users’ unique position and need. The Mirage fashion frame provides a high-performance design without compromising on fit, style or comfort. This unique briefcase includes hands-free keycard access for USB devices up to 3U (user can carry 1 credit card on his/her right hand). It also features an integrated light that activates at night to improve the energy performance of your machine. The design has been designed to fit any angle of a person’s body with up to 140 degrees of freedom, so you can easily get into all possible positions.

What we like to do with fashion is, we wear it and then get it back to us in a way that feels good. For example, we look at the clothes that someone else has, or we see what they have and feel so inspired by them. Then maybe we feel slightly scared about buying their clothes because we can’t imagine how much of a difference it’ll make to our wardrobe. So what if you could change those kinds of things? Sure, you’d probably want to avoid the cheap stuff, but then you would feel really guilty about thinking too much about what others are wearing. If you only had one thing in your closet, it would be this one thing.

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