Nike NB Shoes: Why Is It Considered the Best Skateboarding Shoes?

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Do you need skate shoes to Skateboard? What is the proper way to get up while skateboarding? If you want to get the most out of your skateboarding skills, then wearing the right shoes needs to be considered. 

Skate shoes, or commonly called skateboard shoes, are a type of footwear designed for skateboarding. And there are many features of skateboard shoes that are intended only for skateboarding purposes. 

Certainly, Nike SB shoes are quality skateboarding shoes that can enhance your grip and traction on the board. A lot of professional skateboarders recommend these skate shoes because of their excellent skate sole. Yes, it can optimise your skateboarding performance. Its durability in its pattern sole provides a maximum grip. The sole creates a maximum board grip and can withstand a lot of impacts. The thin sole provides an advantage to the skater as it will be hard for you to handle your board if the skate sole is thick. That is why this type of skate shoe will surely give you a maximum skateboarding experience. 

Wear, Walk, and Skate With Quality Shoes

The special features of Nike SB shoes are their overall package. This makes them so special that many professional skateboarders invest in them. Here are reasons why you should grab this pair of shoes:

  1. Seams – This is a truly vital component to consider, wherein it must have a double or a triple seam in the heel area and the toecap. This kind of seam allows you to have snappy foot movements that will make your board rotate. 
  1. Padding – It has equipped shoe models with an excellent form of upholstery. The tongues and the heel are the specific areas that are padded to prevent injuries. Also, padding can provide and increase comfort while skating. 
  1. Shoelaces – Shoelaces vary in colour, length, and shape. These are one of the ultimate features of many skateboarders. These shoelaces can also have an enormous impact when you are skateboarding. 
  1. Outsole – The outsole of a skate shoe is a feature that provides grip, stability, and flexibility. One of the best components of these skate shoes is their shock-absorbent cushioning. 
  1. Midsole – As the outsole and insole play a significant role, the skate shoe’s midsole makes it even more durable. It is made of ethyl vinyl acetate and heat resistant plastic. 
  1. Insole – The insole’s curvature makes it suitable for skateboarding needs and tricks. The footbed of it is soft and elastic. Wherein it is breathable and durable when worn. The insole creates dual-density that allows it to achieve firmness on the footbed, providing comfort when you are on the move. 

Overall, wearing Nike SB shoes means choosing quality that will protect you during skateboarding. Precisely, this shoe provides you with next-level features and effects while you are skateboarding. It has the unique signature that makes it an ultimate choice when buying a skateboarding shoe. Also, various sizes will allow you to feel comfortable while enhancing your grip and traction on board.


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