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the perfume market worldwide is changing rapidly and there’s a new way to ensure that you stay fresh. The reason for this, is because of changes in the fashion industry. When we think of fashion today, we usually think about clothing or clothing sales but now, we can also consider perfumes. All those who are looking for a new fragrance should know that there are many perfumes which are available in stores now which are more affordable than ever before. One such example of such an affordable perfume is Norwegian Design Festival – the global event where designers present their ideas to the public in their home country – Norway. This is not yet one of the largest events, but it has managed to attract many international celebrities and spend millions on cosmetic products and accessories.

Welcome to Norway fashion. We’ve all heard the saying “Branding is everything,” but that’s not always true. It takes a certain amount of effort to develop a brand, but it can be more effective if you have a proven track record of success and understanding what works in your market. Nowadays, it seems that all brands are trying to go after the iPhone or Android, but this country-loving culture has different ideas about what success looks like. We want to bring you into our culture so that you get the best out of the experiences we have with our customers and thus make sure that you become the best customer we can.

fashion is something we’re all fans of. Whether it be shopping for a new outfit, looking at a certain outfit you saw in the fashion magazine, or even just waving around your credit card to check out some of the designer’s shows. But now there’s an app that will gladly add those things to your phone. Norwegian fashion app Scandinavize lets you browse through clothing outlets across the country and choose from their outfits. The more you browse, the more models you’ll find, and each model is tagged with how many images they had at a particular time.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Norway’s first e-commerce company, Nori! Buy clothes that suit you, find solutions for your current shopping habits, and help other people by listing their clothing in your local e-commerce store.


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